Bloggy Moms Guide to a Better Blog 1 Year Plan (Months 1 - 3)

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The world of blogging can seem like an endless sea of information.

Where do you start? 

How do you craft your dream into a successful blog?

Without the right tools and guide, you may feel overwhelmed. The Bloggy Moms Guide to a Better Blog is a step by step guide to helping you organize the tasks you need to implement and to better understand why you need them. 


The Bloggy Moms Guide to a Better Blog 1 Year Plan will walk you through weekly tasks designed to give you a better focus on cultivating your unique blog.

Bloggy Mom's Guide to a Better Blog offers prompts (among many other helpful pointers and tools) that really got me thinking about who I am as a Blogger, my style and voice, where I want to go with this blogging adventure, who my audience is, and much more, which I was not expecting from a to-do list! It's short and easy to refer back to sections will definitely be re-read again and again. The simple daily tasks make it manageable rather than overwhelming (huge plus!). And I find the suggestions, reference links, and thought provoking prompts to be invaluable! Also, it is filled with writing prompts that I can come back to again and again for use in the future when I'm stumped! Bonus, no more writers block! - Sandy


Each Week:

:: Has a targeted task.

:: Has an explanation of why you need to complete the activity that week.

:: Is complete with writing prompts for each day of the week.


You'll Find:

:: Samples of tasks you are asked to complete.

:: Examples of bloggers who are correctly performing each task.


This one year plan will release in four separate volumes. 

The benefits to you are:

- A more detailed plan for improvement

- Less overwhelming

- You are less likely to give up


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A great blog simply does not happen overnight.

There is far too much that must be learned and implemented.

Commit to improving your blog in 2015!



Learn how to:

:: Choose a blog and domain name
Bloggy Moms recommends Bluehost for your blog's webhosting!
:: Choose a layout and design (Designer recommendations included!)

:: Manage your content

:: And much more!


Volume Release Dates:


Volume 1 (Months 1 - 3):  December 18, 2012

Volume 2 (Months 4 - 6):  March 12, 2013

Volume 3 (Months 7 - 9):  June 11, 2013

Volume 4 (Months 10 - 12):  September 3, 2013


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