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April 2010
Meet Celeste Brash of Coconut Radio. After five years living on a remote atoll, she now resides in a small village on Tahiti.

May 2010
Meet Rachel of A Mom's Rantings.
Rachel is a 40 something mom whose blog features her daily life with her family, going green, rantings, raves and giveaways!

June 2010

Meet Tracy Warner, the Crazytown Mayor, where there is no escape! Tracy is an active member of Bloggy Moms, sharing her entertaining perspective on motherhood almost daily.

July 2010
Meet Bueno Baby Girl, I'm not a real writer, but play one on the Internet.

August 2010
Meet Tiffany of Mom-Nom.com
Wife to Mr. B & Momma to Bubs & Bubette. Balance-beam extraordinaire with two kids, two dogs, a rock-star job, a new home and PTSD...just trying not to forget about my husband along the way. Oh. And I like to say "nom." A. Lot.

September 2010

Meet Katie Sluiter of Sluiter Nation.
My name is Katie and I am the blogger at Sluiter Nation. A little bit about myself? Well sure….

* I was born and raised in a little town in West Michigan
* I moved to a slightly larger city in Michigan for college (Go Broncos!)
* I have a degree in English with a minor in Spanish
* I teach high school
* I went back to said college (Woot Broncos!) for grad school
* I have a Masters in English with an Emphasis on Teaching
* I married one of my best friends from high school
* I teach writing at the local community college
* I like to do crafty projects, but I feel like I never finish
* I LOVE to write, but I feel like I don’t give myself the time
* I like to cook and bake, but again, I get lazy and would rather order out for the quick factor
* I am not shy about sharing stuff about myself…to anyone. This annoys some people, but it’s worked out ok for me so far.
* I love my family. Love.

October 2010

Meet Alicia Hagan from The Mommy Insider and Atlanta Moms. "I've been blogging about life as a work from home mom of two kids for going on 10 years and I write product reviews and feature giveaways on "

November 2010

Meet Danielle Stewart of The Mommy Chronicles
Everyone knows that the parenting books tell us the nicest little lies and that parenting isn't anything like it said in the book. Well the mommy chronicles is here to tell it like it is and to give you a glimpse into the life of one crazy mother with one very busy little boy. She is active duty Coast Guard and an active duty mom and agent to her aspiring model son.








February 2011

Firstly hello to everyone reading here today.  A HUGE thank you is in order for Tiffany and her wonderful Bloggy Mom Community, for this honor, of being her featured blogger. I just have to congratulate her again on her incredible success, and she works extremely hard for all of us.  Tiffany always leaves a great comment and is the best pick me up when you are having a less than stellar moment. It was with bated breath that I headed to my very first blogging conference Blissdom, to meet some bloggers in real life - I felt like I was heading out on a first date all jittery with excitement (and all freaked out about what to pack) Tiffany was there, all glam and down to earth at the same time. She is as warm and friendly as she comes across in her burgeoning empire! Isn't it funny how when you want to write about someone else, it's all there.
Then suddenly, you need to write about yourself, and your mind goes blank!
So here goes ...
So let me tell you a little bit about me and of course, my family, because they feature quite prominently in my blog (imagine that!) We are currently living FL, but we have a pretty global history. Ian aka Mr 51%/Big Dog and I were both born in England. We met in sunny South Africa, married in the Chesapeake Bay MD, US of A. and have since winged our way around several States. Wiki, our eldest, made her way into the world in Pittsburgh PA and our youngest, The Princess was born in Houston TX . She does not have a Texan accent even tho she insists that she did when she was a baby (she lived in TX for a mere three weeks) Here is a picture of us all bundled up on a trip to New York City!
What is my blog about? So far I have covered things from coffins to 24Hrs aLa Jack Bauer and more recently my plans for A Happy New Year This one will have you step in my head a little, while this last week, Thankful Thursday will have step into my soul. Ever wondered how the BIG bloggers  do it? I did too, right here and it was quite a busy post! I have so much to share with you, the dreaded infertility rollercoaster, the road to adoption, our path on homeschooling, our travels of the world, and to be honest, the day to day ramblings from inside of my head, tend to feature big time! When I look at the road our lives have travelled in these last dozen years, I wish that I had been blogging all the way. I'm sure there were the makings of a book in there somewhere!  So anyway, don't wait to be invited again, just stop on by ... I would love to have you!
By Word of Mouth Musings, because all the best stuff is passed along ... take my 'word' for it! 
 Wife to One, Mom to Two, Zookeeper to many. 
Enjoy the ride with a Liberal Christian Homeschooling Mom, 
married to a Gourmet Cooking Atheist & living in the 
plastically enhanced world of Sunny South Florida! Never a dull moment! 


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Comment by Bobbi Noah on June 16, 2011 at 10:59am

Ooh, I love finding new blogs to enjoy!  I am a newbie blogger myself. 

Comments are extremely needed, and feedback is absolutely appreciated! 


If you leave a revelant comment on a post and include your link, I will return the favor!

Comment by Tiffany Akers on April 7, 2011 at 10:52am
check out my blog and tell me what you think!http://livelaughlovebabie.blogspot.com
Comment by Sameena on March 8, 2011 at 6:00am



Check out my blogs...








Comment by Nicole Morgan on December 14, 2010 at 9:48am
What a great bunch of Bloggers. It's great when your research for reading material is done for you - thanx Tiffany :)
Comment by Valerie H on October 22, 2010 at 4:36pm
It is great to meet so many terrific moms...my son doesn't let me go out to play with my friends much - lol ;-)
Comment by Bloggy Moms on October 19, 2010 at 6:22am

Have you visited the New Members section? It gives a lot of instruction on using the site to your advantage. Meeting other moms, things to do to improve your blog and visibility. Browse the navigation bar and links above for a lot of great information... and more still to come. Contact me personally if you have any questions.... bloggy moms related and blogging in general. :)
Comment by AMomBlogs on October 11, 2010 at 10:32pm
Wondering how Bloggy Moms site will help me. Anyone?
Comment by Meghan Cooper on September 5, 2010 at 8:25pm
Great Blogs!
Comment by Tracy Warner on June 1, 2010 at 9:38am
Wow, little ol' me??!! I'm so honoured, thnx Tiffany!! *blush* And me without a speech prepared!! :-))

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