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We at Bloggy Moms LOVE seeing the activity of our very own social mavens!
Here we would like to recognize and reward our loyal and active members.
Your activity on Bloggy Moms will earn you points and leadership rankings within the network.

How points are accumulated and activity weighed.

50 points for leaving a comment on a profile, pages and groups.
100 points for publishing a blog post.
100 points for starting a discussion in the forums.
500 points for creating a group.
40 points for joining a group.
100 points for uploading/adding a photo.
100 points for uploading/adding a video.

Hint: you must visit your profile page on Bloggy Moms to update your points!

View other rankings via the Bloggy Moms Leaderboard. This can be found under the Community tab in the navigation bar - then clicking on the Top Members link in the drop down menu.

We haven't implemented this to build competition amongst members - but to encourage community and communication between everyone.

As you earn more points, your title and icon will change to reflect the change in your increasing Bloggy Moms ranking.
Remember, other members may be earning points - but they will not be calculated until that member visits their profile page.

Abuse of this fun element to Bloggy Moms will not be tolerated. Empty posts and SPAM comments will be removed by Bloggy Moms administrators and points will decrease to show the changes.



Newbie     0 points


Maven in the Making     500 points


Social Butterfly     1,000 points


Promising Socialite     2,000 points


Apprentice Maven     3,000 points


Socially Inspiring     4,000 points


Rising Social Star     5,000 points


Very Important Maven     6,000 points


Socially Superb     7,000 points


Popular Maven     8,000 points


Talented Maven     9,000 points


Social Champ     10,000 points


Maven on the Move     20,000 points


Talk of the Town     30,000 points


Elite Maven     40,000 points


Bloggy Moms Rockstar     50,000 points


Social Genius     60,000 points


Social Expert     70,000 points


Influential Maven     80,000 points


Queen of Social     90,000 points


Savvy Social Maven     100,000 points






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