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Being a member of Bloggy Moms is fabulous. Below you’ll learn about all the perks and benefits you’ll be eligible for when you sign up.


Our Members receive free products {through our Product Review Moms Network}, exclusive offers, discounts, freebies and special perks from the companies and brands that want to introduce you to their newest products to drive awareness, engagement and if you love it – spread the word amongst your social circle.


As a member of the most influential consumer group and one of the fastest growing mom blog communities you will be heard. By participating in projects, Bloggy Moms members are engaging in dialogue with the major brands we service, influencing them to better enhance their products and services to fit their lifestyle and needs.

Our Members have the opportunity to be consumer advocates and share their experiences and honest opinions on brand products with like-minded people in their social circles via face-to-face interaction as well as web dialogue; social networking, blogs, micro-blogging forums, widget posting, ratings & review sites and more.


Members have the opportunity to choose which campaigns they want to participate in. This way, members have the option to participate in campaigns that best match products and services that fit their lifestyle and project tasks that fit their schedule.


Bloggy Moms members have a pretty packed social calendar. Between blogger conferences, Twitter parties and entertainment brands, we also host plenty of unique virtual events using the latest social media platforms. Whether you like nights in or nights out, Bloggy Moms will help keep your social life active and fun


Whether you consider yourself a social media guru or if you aspire to be a member of the Twitterati, Bloggy Moms strives to create campaigns that fully employ the benefits and ease of spreading the word through social media tools.


Bloggy Moms members have access to the best resources related to social media and word of mouth marketing. Access our many tutorials, How-To’s and webinars on everything from Twitter and widgets to social network pages and starting a blog.


Bloggy Moms members who are bloggers benefit from being able to participate in Bloggy Moms blog campaigns. We reach out to the bloggers in our network to connect them with brands, projects and products that appeal to their niche and readers.

Whether you’re just starting out or are a ‘veteran’ in the blogosphere and social media, there are Bloggy Moms projects for everyone.

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