My Family and Games

My extended family has always enjoyed getting together and playing games. Any type of game really. As a child, we would go to my Grandmother's house so the adults could gather in the kitchen and play a serious game of "Win Lose or Draw" and other various games.

Other evenings, my aunts would venture out for a fun night of Bingo. I guess now, with today's technology - they could gather around the computer for a game of . It's funny how technology has become such a part of not only board games, but also games we use to gather in larger groups to play.

I always really enjoyed when my uncle would sit with the kids and play video games! I was in awe of the levels he could reach in the games and how quickly he could do it. I was never very good at video games - but it was so much fun to play alongside him. I enjoy seeing my kids play the same video games and enjoying them with their father. Such enjoyable moments for them to look back on!

I look back on those memories and enjoy seeing that those traditions have carried into the current day. We will all congregate at someone's house for a meal and then a fun time of games. So many memories are made and private jokes develop amongst us. There really is nothing that can replace our family game nights.

Does your family have any fun game night traditions?




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