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Welcome to Bloggy Moms, I am truly excited to have you as a member of our community.

Here are a few tips for using Bloggy Moms.

Meet other Moms Who Blog by Browsing Member Profiles

~ Add Members as Friends {this option is under their profile picture on the left}
~ Leave a Comment on Their Profile Page
Join the conversation on one of the many Hot Topics on Bloggy Moms
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~ Copy and Paste Your Blog Posts

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Promoting Your Blog on Bloggy Moms

There are many great ways to promote your blog on Bloggy Moms.

 Each member has the opportunity to be a contributor on Bloggy Moms by:

{1} Adding your blog posts to the
Rockin' Bloggers section of Bloggy Moms. 
       Use this feature to add your blogs daily posts to Bloggy Moms. 
       Don't forget to add a link back to your blog within the post.
       Reminder! I tweet these posts as often as possible!

{2} Use your profile page to tell us about yourself and your blog.

       ~ Replace the generic "A Bloggy Mom" avatar on your profile with your own image/picture. 
          Other members are more likely to check out your profile if you have an original and more inviting image.
       ~ Each profile is equipped to handle an RSS feed from your blog. 
       ~ Use the information section to link to your blog's url and your Twitter account.
          (make sure to add the before your twitter username for easy access)

{3}  Introduce yourself in the Hot Topics Discussion
"Introduce Yourself".

{4} Get involved in the
Hot Topics Discussion.  If you don't see a discussion you're looking for, start one.

{5} Bloggy Moms offer many
groups for specialized interests.  You can always create your own group as well.

Add your blog to our Mom Blog Directory.

{7} Greet
new members of Bloggy Moms. 
       ~ Leave a comment on their wall
       ~ Send a friend request

{8} Connect your Twitter account with the Status Update Feature on your Bloggy Moms Profile Page

Add your blogs banner and/or button to an album on Bloggy Moms.

{10} You can also add your Vlog to Bloggy Moms.

{11} Add your blog to the Google Blog Search.

{12} You can also promote each others blog posts and discussions by using the sharing links located at the bottom of each.  You can post to Twitter and Facebook the posts and discussions you are reading/participating in.

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