Request Product Review Letter

There are many different ways you can request a product review.

Below is an example of a product review request letter.


My name is {insert your name}, and I am the owner/author of {insert blog name and address}. {insert a description of your blog here}.

I have read and heard much about {insert product name} and am very interested in trying it because {insert reason here}. {Describe why you would be interested in trying the product}.

My readers are {provide information about your readership} and I believe they would love enjoy the information I could provide through a review of {insert product name}. If you can provide a sample, I would be delighted to review it for you on my blog!

My blog receive {insert number} pageviews per day/month and {insert number} subscribe to my feed, so I think a review on my site would be very beneficial to your company.

At your request, I can let you preview the review before it is published. This will allow for any questions or comments to be answered by {insert company name}.

Thank you for your time. I hope we can work together!

{Insert Your Name}
{Insert Blog Title} {Insert Blog url}
{Insert Your Street Address}
{Insert Your City, State, Zip}
{Insert Your Phone Number}

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