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We have been in and out of the veterinarian’s office with our dog multiple times over the last several weeks. First there was the stitching up of the cuts she got trying to leap over a downed barbed-wire fence.

Then there was abdominal surgery needed for the weird, fluke complication from the abdominal surgery she had in February (she ate a squeaky stuffy toy which got stuck in her intestines).

Every time we came in, the veterinary assistants beamed at her. “Oh, we love Annise! She is such a good girl.”

Every time they said that, I would look at them funny. Annise would be trying to madly leap on the end of her leash, 60 pounds of oblivious to my commands that she sit (and the risk of tearing her stitches).

Plus the fact that we were there in part because she didn’t return when Autism Dad had called her back just prior to the barbed wire encounter, calling her a good dog was somewhat ironic.

Good was not a word I would use to describe her.

On my seventh or so visit, I asked them (a little breathlessly while I tried to wrap my legs around her to keep her sitting in the waiting room) “What are you talking about? Does she obey you when you take her back?”

It turned out what they really meant was that she was a pleasant dog; always happy, always wagging. Okay, no argument there.

That was the same visit that I had to pay the bill for the barbed wire stitches and the second surgery. A really huge, unplanned-for bill. Fortunately, we had gotten pet insurance earlier in the year.

After the “I Ate the Stuffy and the Stuffy Won” incident in February, we decided it was better to have the insurance and not need it, rather than not have the insurance and have our savings decimated by unexpected vet bills.

I researched pet insurance, relying heavily on online reviews. We selected Healthy Paws based on the coverage offered and the user satisfaction rating.

We are now some of those very satisfied users.

We chose coverage that had a deductible and a monthly premium that we could afford. Once we were covered, all we needed to do was give the veterinary office information about the insurance coverage. They filed the reimbursement claim with Healthy Paws for us.

We had a total of three claims for Annise’s whirlwind tour of veterinary medical procedures. We received notice of the receipt of each claim within 48 hours after they were submitted, and notice of coverage the the claims within a week.

We received the reimbursement checks before her stitches came out. A week later we received an email from Healthy Paws hoping that she was recovering well.

We can try to anticipate and plan for as many contingencies that we can think of, but unexpected stuff happens. That’s what insurance is for.

I had never really thought about pet insurance until we adopted Marshmallow-head … I mean Annise … and now I believe it was one of the best decisions we made.

Next up: Dog training with an agility specialist.

“Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls” 

I did this review just because I wanted to do it and I did not receive any compensation or incentive from Healthy Paws to do it.

Originally published on Autism Mom


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  1. Elle Kasey 2 years ago

    Vet visits with pet insurance are such a relief. Years ago our dog developed cancer. We caught it early and she was okay. We immediately insured our second dog because we knew it would take our wallet a while to recover from the first dog’s care. During that time the second dog had his own health crisis and the vet bills were in the thousands. We were so glad we had bought the insurance. Over the years the policy we had changed not to be worth it anymore, but I’ll check out the one you mentioned.

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