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Inside Out | Movie Review

Review may contain spoilers.  Proceed with caution. 
Unless you have been living under a rock in a far off galaxy, you may have heard of a little ole movie called Inside Out.  
Inside Out is the latest from Pixar, the maker of great animation movies such as Monsters Inc, Cars, Brave, Toy Story, Up, etc, etc, etc.  In a way I already feel as if Pixar…

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FREE eBook through Saturday ~ 5 Secrets to an Effective Toddler Bedtime Routine

I’m excited to announce that I have recently published my first eBook, 5 Secrets to an Effective Toddler Bedtime…


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What Happens in Vegas, Gets Captured in Print!

Every summer we schedule a trip to Las Vegas, & every year I think, am I really heading towards all that dreaded heat? And every year, I get home exhausted but very content & ask, how soon can I come back? This year was no different! We had a jam packed wonderful weekend & once again, my love for the city is renewed and reinvigorated (& I didn't once touch a slot machine!) Please click…


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The Reason I Write

     A few weeks ago, I was perusing the Twitter world and stumbled upon an adoptive mother's profile. It read this:

“Hate my adopted kids. Please Help. Need hope.” That was it.

That was her profile. Out of all the things she could've said about herself, this was what she chose. Not that she's a coffee-drinker, that she loves yoga, that she has 3 kids and a collie. Not that she is an adoptive mom looking for other adoptive moms to connect with. Not…


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Dance Party

dance party

It's a weekday and I don't feel like cleaning or cooking... although both of those things need to be done at some point! No, I feel the need to do something fun. Something that I don't really have to set up or tear down. Something that will make me laugh and possibly get in a little exercise at the same time. It's time for a dance party!

I have had multiple occasions when my children look at me as if to say,…


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How the internet makes things a lot easier for us

I was reading one of my…


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Product Review & Giveaway: The Mighty Mug

Read my review on The Mighty Mug, "the mug that won't fall over". I know, it's hard to believe but see for yourself! AND enter to win a $30.00 gift card towards the purchase of your own Mighty Mug valued at $19.99. …


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Shifting home? Here are some tips!

If you have found a new house that is more or less like your dream home, you might think of shifting your belongings from your old house to the new one at the earliest. However, it is not easy. There are so many things on our mind, and we know that there is always a possibility of missing out on something or the other.

So, here is a post where we have compiled tips for you to shift from one place to another easily and peacefully.


Expectations and experience…


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Want to know my secret?

At a playdate with friends the other day one of the moms turned to me and asked what my secret was? For a moment I stood perplexed. Why whatever did she mean!? Did she want to know if I had found the fountain of youth? Did I really look that good? I just started using a new shampoo; maybe I was rocking a sweet do? I couldn’t help but smile as I inquired,” what secret?”.

“Your mood, what’s your secret? You always seem so happy, peppy, in such a great mood and…


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Mindful Monday - Imagine

Mindful Monday…


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full on panic attack

image I was on my way to pick up my husbands grandma and it hit.image-23[1] A full on panic attack. The panic was brought on by the realization that I almost lost my mother. My stomach churning, my heart racing, my throat feeling as if I swallowed a rock, and in my head visions of unspeakable things that haven't happened but could have. I was talking to her last night and a sense of thankfulness came to me and I just can't believe given everythingimage-10[1] she was up against she's alive…


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Antman is now my newest favorite Avenger”



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Skin Care Kit Giveaway

Skin Care Kit Travel Size, Black Soap, Rose Hydrating Mist And Daily Greens Face Moisurizer ALL SKIN TYPES


We’re having a giveaway for moms this week. We teamed up with thpapothecary – the natural skin care and hair care products shop on Etsy who…


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Giving the Gift of a Good Death to a Good Friend

Today I had the honor to stand by the deathbed of a dear and loyal friend.  Today I had the privilege of being with him to ease him out of this life.  And today I also had the responsibility of deciding that it was time for that life to end.

Today we put our dog to sleep.

Over 20 years of pet owning, two dogs and eight (at least) cats, and I've never had to do this before.  We've lost cats, but they've had a way of just disappearing.  By the time we realized they were never…


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Spiritual Sunday - Where are the miracles?


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Going Out of Town and Not Spending A Dime

It is possible! Vacations with your children don't necessarily have to be about amusement parks and cartoon characters!  Going Out of Town and Not Spending A Dime

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Lush Hoppity Poppity Review

The next item from my Lush spring/ easter haul I’m reviewing is the Hoppity Poppity bath bomb. This adorable bath bomb is shaped like a bunny’s face and features cute details such as carved out whiskers and ears and a cute set of pink eyes and a pink heart shaped nose.

Hoppity Poppity: spring scented bath bomb Hoppity Poppity: spring scented bath bomb

To read my full review on this adorable bath…


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Quaker's Newest Oatmeal Review

I’m a part of Bzz Agent, which is a really nifty site, and I have been a part of their site for a couple years now. I get to try cool products, for free, and even get coupons and special offers to share with friends. Then I make my voice heard by sharing my honest opinions about the great stuff I try with others, including some of the largest companies in the world. It’s really great!…


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Lush's Fluffy Egg Review

The Fluffy Egg bath bomb from Lush is described as a candy-scented fizzer and it most definitely is! If you're looking for a sweet, cotton candy- like scent, this bomb is for you.

Fluffy Egg: bath bomb of sweet cotton candy goodness Fluffy Egg:… Continue

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