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Minivans & Muffin Tops Show: Things they don’t tell you before you have Kids

What is something you wish they would have told you before you had kids? Post comments Here-…


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How To Make Your Fine Hair Look Fabulous

“My fine hair is my every-day enemy”, we often hear this from friends or colleagues. One thing is sure; you should definitely not treat your hair like your enemy. I know your fine can make your daily routine hard, but this does not mean that you have nothing to do about it and just keep suffering. All it takes is you acquire some tips and tricks and hurray for fabulous fine hair.…


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Everything is related – Toy Story

The second in a series of “Everything is Related” entries:


Again we start at Disney. Disney, Disney,…


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What is the one thing you wish people understood about Autism?

Welcome new readers!…


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Why I'm a Ninja Mom

If you’re wondering how I came up with the name for my website Confessions of a Ninja Mom, it’s because I’m a Ninja. That’s right, I’m a Ninja like most moms I can do all the things that a Ninja can do and more. You may think that I’m nuts but when I go down the list of things that I accomplish each and everyday taking care of…


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Invitation to Join PTEAM

I just created a group for parents of creative children,  called PTEAM.  This group will include discussions on how a music education will benefit children and how to encourage children to pursue their talents.  It is also to introduce my new book which will be published shortly.  In the book I…


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The writer’s workshop, by Freely Speaking is a no holds barred writer’s zone that encourages language connoisseurs, aka, writers to express non filtered, impromptu thoughts they derive from a flash of an image, be it an abstract photo or any work of art. It also influences the writer and interpreter, to take the image…


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Successful guide for organizing public event

Even in the modern era of mass media and communication, it would be safe to assume that there is no better way to convey a message than through organizing a public event. Perhaps it is something that is rooted deeply in our genes, since for millennia now, some, if not majority of turning points in human history, took place on various public events. With this knowledge in mind, what better and louder way there is for one to send a message, than through well organized and carefully planned…


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First Foods

Gabriel will be four months soon and I have had solid foods on my mind for a couple weeks now. Should I feeds him the…


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Impostor syndrome, avoidance coping & other stumbling blocks…


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Parental Stress Disorder


The call came in at 10:30pm.  No one calls me that late, so I instantly knew something must be wrong. “Hey mom, I have a little problem..”…


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Hospitals need to do a better job at providing Breastfeeding friendly supplies to new moms

I didnt even have nursing pads.

Adrian at 2 days old was receiving treatment for Jaundice and they sent me home. He needed to stay overnight. To my surprise I woke up completely engorged and the entire bed soaking wet. I didnt have breast pads, didn't even know what they were.

I reminisce back to the days after giving birth while at the hospital my nipples were on fire after having tried to breastfeed that first day. I hadn't packed any nipple cream and I wasnt offered any… Continue

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Homemade Bird Feeders

IMG_1231 (2)

This bird is enjoying his snack.

These bird feeders make it easy to watch birds in the backyard. I helped my daughter make these for a science project at school. We made them out of recycled materials, including a paper towel roll, a shoebox lid, and a milk carton.

You can make…


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A Great Traditional - Perfect Triangle To GO! Quilt

You can learn to make this - just like my grandmother use to!

Perfect Triangle To GO! QUILT! 57" X 83"


Added by Darlene Zachery on March 27, 2015 at 10:34am — No Comments

The Lightning Round Update

Wow, I have been off the cyber scene. A Nerf basketball lobbed into the coffee mug, into the laptop. Seven weeks and a Geek Squad later and I am ready to give you, my fair reader, (are you still out there?) the lightning round update. (No plunking out posts on a cell phone for this blogger!)

  • Flu (Me) Moms can’t be sick, especially Moms with spirited toddlers who know how to undo all of the safety locks, take off diapers anywhere, anytime, anyplace and practice their mad…

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My son is in good hands at school

The day after our …


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Work From Home And Have A Saver Home

Are You Trying to Make Your Family Healthier? Are your cleaning products making you and your family sick? Did…


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33rd Annual Houston Chronicle Best Dressed 2015 Luncheon and Neiman Marcus Fashion Presentation

Today marked the 33rd Annual Houston Chronical Luncheon and Neiman Marcus Fashion Presentation, benefiting the March of Dimes; in which was chaired by Rosemary Schatzman. I had the pleasure of asking a few questions to better acquaint myself with the mission,…


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Happy 12 Years!

So, time refuses to stand still. In my eyes, he’s a small little boy, but there are so many indications (and friends who refuse to indulge me in my denial) that point to a boy slowly but surely growing into a man. He makes me incredibly proud with his growing list of accomplishments and most of all, his strong moral character. Click here for more...

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Having Another Baby?? A "Facebook Chat"

My second daughter will be seven months on the 26th. I had a moment the other day, while watching both of my girls "playing" on the floor, that made me feel so content. Content with my two girls and our family of four. My husband and I agreed that we'd wait until the first birthday to decide if a surgery (damn straight for him!) will take place. I'm feeling pretty certain that this will occur. While we're waiting, my body decided to have a Facebook chat, recently, about the whole…


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