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Divorce as an Adventure

Divorce can open doors to new opportunities and discoveries. After a divorce is a time to reinvent yourself and find hidden talents.

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29th Annual Children's Festival of the Arts by Morgan B.

Coverage of the 29th Annual Children's Festival of the Arts held on the Paramount lot by Morgan B.. To become a KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, go to and find out about our local competitions.

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Batman: Assault on Arkham - A Comic-Book Based Film That Follows the Bad Guys

If you’re a fan of the game series, then you’ll love this movie. It is extremely violent, just like the games and thus, we recommend for older teens and adults. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic and comic book expert, Keefer B. comments, “The characters are dynamic. As much as I love heroes, I adore villains. A protagonist is…


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KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Boot Camp

In this video, we show some footage from our 2014 KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Boot Camp at Discovery World Headquarters in Silver Spring this summer. We believe that "Smart Kids Make Smart Consumers." Teaching kids critical viewing skills puts them in the driver's seat in terms of what media they'll watch and how they'll interact with it.

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Things I've Learned This Week

After another week of refereeing my bickering kids and counting down the days till school starts back up again, I've compiled my Friday list of things I've discovered lately.  This week's list includes the realization that much to my…


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Fit Mama: Today I Took the Pluge – I Bought a Fancy Heart Rate Monitor

This past week has been an emotional roller coaster, for a lot of reasons. When my life is emotional, I like to do a lot of cardio. I don’t know why – it just works out that way.

When I feel like doing more of a particular exercise – circuits vs. lifting vs. cardio – I go with it. I figure that if my body feels like it’s not getting enough of a…


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Post Pregnancy Belly--what to expect



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Guest Author on

You know those stories you want to share but kind of actually don't want to share because it's a little too personal but it was kind of a big deal to you... Well, I had one of those and shared my story with because, well, that's what they are all about. I literally wrote the post, submitted it into the form, sat looking at the form scared for a second because someone may actually read it, blacked out, hit submit and ran away. Today,…


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Liebster Award

We were nominated for the Liebster Award here at 523.  This mommy couldn't be more excited!! Part of the award is to "pay it forward" to other bloggers.  Check out my post to see who was nominated.

Life at 523

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Disneyland Dad's Get a Bad Rap But Is It Really Avoidable?



DR. RUTHERFORD: I would suspect this may be a common feeling among divorced parents who…


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The Identity Challenge

Have you ever engaged in personal development work and soon after discovered that some of your personal relationships just aren’t working for you the way they used to? You might even have experienced what feels like rejection from some of the people who are closest to you.


It can be confusing right?…


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How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids With the Camera You Already Have

Not everyone want to drop a huge chunk of change on a camera with all the bells and whistles, but we all want to take amazing photos of our kids.After 5 years of pro photography, I'm sharing a few of my tips for getting the best shots with your camera so that you love the memories you capture on film. 

How to Take Great Photos of Your Kids With the Camera You Already Have…


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Roller Skating With Our Pants Down and Finding Joy

Retro Disco Roller RInk
Retro Disco Roller RInk

Sometimes we  have to steal joy when we can.  I am jet lagged.  I don’t want summer to end.  CNN is killing me. But life must go on.  If I am going to mother, and embrace the life I have been given, I must venture out when I…


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What Should Children do in an Emergency

Kids grow up fast, too fast. I can’t believe how time flies by. My daughter will be 8 in 6 months, and my son will be 6 in a year. Our children in no time will have to face this scary and wonderful world in no time. And looking this very idea in the eyes, as a parent, one of our most important jobs is making sure that our kids are properly equipped to handle anything life throws their way. It never hurts to be prepared! The more they know how to prevent and handle emergencies, the less…


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Great Pinterest finds this week... 

There were some interesting items on Pinterest this week, which continues to be a great source of creative ideas. I can always find terrific ideas, tools, strategies, and resources that can be used for the Navigator as well as other children.

My husband shocked me last…


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The Strangers We Meet

My little cherub seems to make friends wherever we go, stopping strangers in their tracks, young and old, who simply want to say hi and tell her how cute she is. I’m a big social butterfly myself, but I feel like I’ve had more conversations with strangers in the past six months than I have in the past six years thanks to my daughter. As she grows and develops a…


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Chocolate Sweets $46.99

Chocolate Sweets $46.99 Scale the heights of love with this bright red tower filled with sweet treats. They will be delighted with…


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Foodie Friday Gluten Free Steamed Cherry Pudding

 This moist pudding is from my childhood remade to fit my now gluten free dairy free diet.  If you have no dietary restriction then use just replace flour and milk (cream really).  Another recipe from Aunt Marjorie's recipe box.  Enjoy Click here for recipe…


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Crafty Time: Zoo Scrapbook Page

Zoo Scrapbook Page

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Hell on Wheels: Netflix

Hell on Wheels

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