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Paying off Debt

I know when you are in debt, it can be difficult to face the numbers.  I know people who will not open their mail, who just throw their bills in a drawer where they cannot be seen.
I have felt the pressure of debt, avoiding the numbers will not make it go away, or make you feel the burden any less.  I know what it is like to lay in bed thinking about your debt, wondering if you made a payment, thinking about extra fees.  You will find if you write it out and are at…

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Pmper MeTime

Bath and Body Spa Caddy Give the gift $49.99 of relaxation when you send the Relaxation Bath gift basket. She'll love luxuriating in the moisturizing lotions and bath oil beads in her candle-lit bath. This wire-handled bath caddy brings the scent of lavender to…


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Read This Before You Have Your Halloween Party!

Don’t ever have a Halloween party and Invite 40 3rd and 4th grade boys! Two weeks before Halloween and I decided it would be a “great” idea to combine both of my boy’s birthday parties. I thought this would be an easy breezy way to “get er done.” I bought adorable Halloween themed invitations and meticulously…


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Stuffed Eggplant Canoe

Stuffed what?!

Yes you read correctly Stuffed Eggplant Canoe.

Thursday's Treat!

Last night after work I was exhausted and had a lot to do. I had emails to read, pictures to edit, company coming over and didn't want to invest a lot of time in the kitchen. I remembered I had bought two lovely Eggplants on Saturday after my visit with grandma and the Salon. I only grab them when on sale and the size is right. I don't want to waste time or money if I…


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Krystal Earrings $22

Krystal Earrings $22 Add drama and shine to your look with this on-trend geometric pair. Krista's silver drop square design features a shimmering collection of clear crystals. Krystal is the perfect modern statement pair for your next night out.…


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Different Types of Dress Necklines That Women Must Consider When Buying an Outfit

When women are out shopping for a dress, most of them will usually look for one that complements the waistline or legs. Whether you have broad shoulders or are apple-shaped, the best way for a woman to highlight her assets is to opt for a dress having a neckline that can complement the occasion and her body…


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A Texans First Winter

{{To read the full post, please click HERE}}

The air is starting to get crisp around these parts.

Just the other day, my son and I headed in to the grocery store to do our shopping, and during the hour we were in the store, a cold front had come in,  and *BAM* it’s here to stay.

So far. I mean, C’mon, it’s Nebraska.

That whole “If you don’t like the weather,…


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Words Matter Campaign: When Writing Articles Isn't Enough

This week, I wrote and article for my blog with the title "Words Matter."  I hope you click on the title to read it.  I told the story of a young student who told me that she is "unteachable."  That article has been featured on various online…


Added by Cindy Terebush, CPC, CYPFC on October 30, 2014 at 4:17pm — No Comments

Preparing for Labor and Delivery: Newborn Babies Make the Pain Totally Worth It

There’s this big part of getting ready for labor and delivery that a lot of us forget – or just don’t know how – to do. I’m completely guilty of it. When I was pregnant with Ricky, I got prepared in the normal ways that you think of getting ready for the hospital: touring the facility, registering in advance, packing my hospital bag. But that didn’t really eliminate the anxiety that kept creeping in as we got closer and closer to my delivery date.

Fear of Delivery

I was…


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Ice Cream Playdough

The Graceless Mommy Grind

 I originally found the recipe for Ice playdough at Smart School House. There they have the exact recipe of how…


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Feel like the World’s Worst Mom Today? Me Too!

Not even sure where to start but today, I feel like the world’s worst mom.  I know I am a great mom, but the pit inside my stomach and the vision of my son crying wondering where I was, is telling me otherwise.

I consider myself to be a very…


Added by Ellie Hirsch on October 30, 2014 at 11:57am — No Comments

We invited Steve Martin from Big Family Travel to MOMtravelchat to share advice and inspiration for traveling with three or more kids. In spite of having four kids, including triplets, his family gets out and about in a way that is inspirational (read about their summer in…


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Italian Cooking With Sweet Potatoes


Although sweet potatoes may be part of the Thanksgiving tradition, be sure to add these naturally sweet vegetables to your meals throughout the year; they are some of the most nutritious vegetables around. Sweet potatoes can be found in your local market year-round, however they are in season in November and December.

They also have many health benefits.



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Hearty Dutch Oven Stews


Dutch ovens are cylindrical, heavy gauge cooking pots with tight-fitting lids that can be used either on a range top or in the oven. The heavy metal or ceramic construction provides constant, even and multi-directional radiant heat to the food being cooked inside.

The term "Dutch oven" is something of a misnomer in that the pots are neither Dutch nor actual ovens. Rather,…


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Five Easy Weeknight Dinner Menus


It seems that summer went by so quickly. And here we are on the verge of Halloween.

This is the time of year when kids are getting back into the swing of classes and homework and parents are gearing up for busy evenings filled with after-school activities. These quick weeknight meals will help you fit dinner into the family's schedule every night. With a…


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Kids on the spectrum helping kids on the spectrum

Yes, this is another Minecraft article, specifically an Autcraft article. I know, you might…


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Knock Three Times

DC and I attend many events, activities and parties. Many related to his autism or specifically geared to special needs children and adults, many are not. Although I do write about some of these events or trips, I certainly do not write about all of them as, in most cases, there is nothing…


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