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What do you do to prepare your child for emergencies?

Last month I…


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Low Carb Super Bowl Eats: The Sweet Stuff


Folks, it’s here–Super Bowl is upon us! My hubby has talked about nothing else all day & has asked me a million questions about his party menu. The man is obsessed (& oh so cute)!

Today’s post is the last in my low carb Super Bowl food series. We’ve talked pizza (click photo for post):

PicMonkey Collage



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My Life as a Working Blogger and Mom

First, I will say it to everyone. I am a mom that works outside the home and is a blogger. Some bloggers do not have jobs outside the home.  I personally do not have that opportunity at this time.  Being a blogger can be a tough job itself.  It may not be for everyone.  It takes a great deal of commitment and work to devote to the blog.

I work at a nursing home some weekdays and every other weekend from 6-2.  Once I get home there is a small amount time for me to truly work on the…


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Foodie Friday - Gluten Free Apple Pudding

Foodie Friday - Gluten Free Apple Pudding is a wonderful dish to make…


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$100 Amazon Gift Card Valentine's Day Giveaway

Enter now for a chance to win our $100 Amazon Gift Card Valentine's Day Giveaway! Refer your friends and receive multiple entries.

  • Website Contest is On:…

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5 Flawless Steps to Get Things Done!

Let me start by wishing you a Happy New Year!  I am convinced that 2015 is going to be awesome! I have personally named this the “Year of Action”. If you’re like me, you already have a list of ideas and projects you want to do in the next twelve months.

Here are 5 great tips to help you get them done.…


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Practice Makes....

I really hate the saying, "Practice makes perfect." There are a lot of variables that could occur that make it false. Take a kid who has played softball for 5 years. During that time she practiced more than what a normal kid her age would practice. Then comes time to play high school ball. Her coaches think she's a dedicated player, but despite all the time…


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Love with Food Gourmet Snack Box Review & Giveaway 2/12

I enjoyed January's Love with Food Gourmet Snack Box SO much that I picked up another one to give away!…


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To Fruition: Manifest the Desires of Your Heart – Weekly Affirmation – Jan. 30 – Obedience

To Fruition: Manifest the Desires of Your Heart - Weekly Affirmation - Jan. 30 - Obedience

Warning: The contents of this post include references sexual in nature. If you are sensitive to sexual references or have strong beliefs which impede your ability to comment respectfully, please skip this week's message.…


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Stand 'n Stuff Superbowl Salad


Stand ‘n Stuff Superbowl Salad


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Things I've Learned This Week

The survival of another week should be celebrated with another one of my lists of things I've learned lately -- don't ya think?  This week's list includes the realization that my kids are probably…


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Kindergarten Ain't What it Used to Be

Imagine Play Toys Blog Here it is, Barb's Newest Blog from I think it's not too bad. Let me know your thoughts. …


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Hello friends,

I hope you are all well on this Friday morning. It is gloomy and snowing again, here in the suburbs of NYC. This past week, a storm dumped 12+ inches of snow on my lawn. Some parts of NYC were able to escape it with barely any snow…ah but alas, not where I live. It was pretty for the first day, and then it became an ugly, messy,…


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Autism from a Dad's perspective

The day the Navigator’s first grade…


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BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator Giveaway


Who wouldn't love to have this when you have a wiggly baby to contend with!! It is made for baby's comfort and works like a charm at getting those hard to get boogers. We are going to give one of these away this week to ONE lucky family courtesy of…


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8 Tips for Traveling with an Infant

It's officially that time of year. We've made it past the first half of winter and quite frankly, the thought of another 2 months of cold weather is a bit depressing. It's time to get out of town! There's something about a vacation in January that makes getting through the winter months seem somewhat bearable. After months of being confined to the indoors, it's nice to be able to soak up some sunshine, or simply get a change of scenery.

As a new mom, I had a lot of anxiety my first…


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Super Bowl Eats: Entrees


We’re officially 3 days away from the Super Bowl! While my hubby’s busy with his last minute preparations (checking couch cushion softness & polishing the television screen), I am still narrowing down Sunday’s menu.

For menu inspiration, I posted my favorite LOW CARB PIZZA RECIPES &…


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CLAUNCHING …Cleansing and Launching, big decisions in 2015

To cleanse or not to cleanse…To launch a web-series or not to launch… whether t’is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of no dairy, no sugar, no flesh, or to take arms against a sea of curious people all wondering why the hell I’m standing in my underwear on Youtube… Argh.

This is what I’m grappling with since the bell tolled twelve on December 31st 2014. On first appearance the only thing a deep-body-detox and launching a web-series have…


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27 Weeks Pregnant: Further Than We Made it Last Time

The last few days have been crazy around our house. This month has really kicked my behind.

Do you ever get that feeling like you’re running yourself ragged, but you’re not actually getting stuff done? That’s kind of how my last few weeks have gone. I was way ahead going into the holiday season. And then a bunch of stuff happened, mostly good stuff, but some not so good stuff, that just completely threw me off track.

Not having Ricky on our regular schedule kind of exasperated…


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