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Some canine fun over spring break!

Spring break ended for us this week and the…


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My Secret To Finding Quick Inspiration

Single motherhood can be tough at times, but that does not mean as single moms that we have to be miserable. I try to see every situation as a learning experience. There is a lesson that I have to learn from this situation in order to move on forward. I do my best to accept it and live in the moment.

I am a full-time single mom with a full-time job (besides blogging) and full-time student. There are moments that I feel overwhelmed. Sometimes it all hits me at once, and I start going…


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The Essential Book That Will Make You A Master Blogger


Since I started my blog, I have read numerous books on the subject (you can still see my post-its on the pages). However, I found Mom Blogging for…


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STOP Trying to Predict Life and START Living It

I have the habit of attempting to predict the outcome of everything. One morning my son had a red eye. I was terrified since I am allowed to take only nine sick days from work and is still the beginning of the year.

I was going over the scenarios.

#1 Send him to…


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Exclusive Pumping Resources

Bottle or breast? Bottle, of course, implying that the baby is formula-fed. Well this presumptuous question requires an explanation by an exclusively pumping mom because yes, she’s feeding with a bottle, but no, she isn’t using formula. This question pops up almost everywhere including mommy forums, the pediatrician’s office and even resource pages. This isn’t…


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Change Starts With You


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How to Communicate With Tact And Professionalism

When my son was little, as a single mom I was not getting much sleep or help, and I would go to work, be grumpy and not so patient with my colleagues. One day a colleague of mine that I was never getting along with said to me something about  the project we were working on. I am not…


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Birthday Party Etiquette: Who's Invited?


"Sorry, you're not invited."

Not invited? 

No one wants to be not invited. …


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Gratitude Journalling Can Prolong Your Life

People!  I am going to tell you a secret. Just be thankful for what you have and you will live longer. How close can you get?  Amazing!

Being thankful

Scientists recently bragged about a study saying that giving thanks for the positive aspects of life, can promote mental and physical health of people who has heart problems, but does not show any outward symptoms.

Be it for that matter if we are thankful, we will be healthy and have a great life.  The more gratitude you…


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Smarty Had A Party Giveaway

Hi ;) We have another AWESOME giveaway! Yay ;)

This one is from Smarty Had A Party. The giveaway is for the following:

1 Pack 8” Fuchsia Pink Round Paper Lanterns (12/pk)

1 Each Fuchsia Taffeta Sequin Table Runner

1 Pack 5 oz Sovereign Disposable Plastic Champagne Flutes (10/pk)

1 Pack 7.5 oz Mini Plastic Milk/Juice/Wine Carafes (6/pk)

1 Pack Candy Pink Striped Paper Straws…


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12 Reasons to Consider Discount Card Fundraising

Is your group tired of selling out of a brochure? You’re probably already comfortable with the process and you’ve even tried different themes like cookie dough, custom mugs and gift wrap. Or maybe you’ve done one too many car washes and are ready for a change.

Sometimes it’s hard to branch out and explore new…


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Children both blessing and lesson

This Mother Teresa quote speaks to what children bring to our lives.…


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Still knocking


It has been a busy week and by the time this post publishes, we will be spending a long weekend at the Cape. Normally at this time of year we can expect semi-warm weather, but judging by the week we just had, it is not looking good. Fingers crossed for no rain at least.

This trip was scheduled so that I could attend the birthday party of the mother of one of my oldest friends (grammar school,…


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Mental Fitness and Its Importance for Working Women

Working women are often concerned about their physical fitness, and take preventative measures to ensure their general health. When…


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Want a new job? Then boost your LinkedIn profile

The phrase “Social Networking” in the near past, has become one of the everyday topics in life of almost every modern person. In the beginning, it was synonym for acquiring new friendships, renewing old ones and even finding your soul mate. As it had great potential, it was only matter of time when someone will make use of it for business purposes. Today, we’re going to focus our attention on one of the biggest of its kind – LinkedIn.

As number one business social network, a…


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Finally a Kids' Book Series that Doesn't Make You Wait For the Next One

I thought there'd be a lot of parents in bloggymoms with kids who are good readers and who would enjoy a FREE book by an international author. THE SECRET IN THE HIDDEN CAVE has been downloaded hundreds of times for free. There are 3 books in the series so it's kind of like a try-before-you-buy thing.

Also there's a series (for adults) that is super avant garde based on…


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How This Spring Break was Better Than the Rest

Today marked the first day back to school after my kids' spring break. They were off for a total of eleven days. Yes, you read that right - eleven days. It was such a long stretch of time that by the time they got back to school this morning, it was almost like the first day back after…


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Mompreneur Balancing Act: 11 Steps for Balancing Small Business Finances

#Smallbiz finances is the area where #Mompreneurs tend to struggle the most. But finances are key to viablity and sustainability. Here are 11 Steps for Balancing Finances as a Mompreneur.

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In the past I have contributed as an expert on Always Active Athletics: “The Online Magazine: Your #1 Source For At-Home Fitness” In the last year they have expanded rapidly and had the privilege to …

In the past I have contributed as an expert on Always Active Athletics: “The Online Magazine: Your #1 Source For At-Home Fitness” In the last year they have expanded rapidly and had the privilege to be seen in Shape, American Fitness, PTDC, iPhone Life, June issue of Women’s Fitness Magazine (print), RedBookMag….etc. Plus, they are currently getting almost 200,000 hits per year and that is only growing! They asked me to…


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A lot of great information about meltdowns, how to talk to someone on the Autism spectrum and more!…


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