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Homemade BBQ Sauce

When it’s summer time we love to have BBQ’s at my house. Our grill gets lots of use during the summer season. I hate when I go to the fridge and think I have a bottle of bbq sauce, but it’s just about gone. This recipe will save the day when it comes to this situation. It’s a easy, quick fix for no…


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Modern Crib Bedding – New from The Land of Nod

Shy Little Kitten Crib Bedding

tawny scrawny lion crib bedding

poodle party crib bedding


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10 Date Ideas for Children and Parents

10 Date Ideas for Parents and Children

When you first think of the word "date," it's easy to assume that it involves two individuals roughly around the same age who are in some type of romantic relationship, whether new or seasoned. While this may be true, "dates" can include kids, too. (preferably not in addition to the two individuals in a romantic relationship- that's what babysitters are for!) Special outings with just one…


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Mindfulness Monday - Wisdom



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Need some motivation?

Check out our blog

New information for moms and fitness and how to win at this game called life.

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Everything is Related – Dr. Who

Relating the things that DC loves to anything else just helps to make it more enjoyable for him. DC loves to travel, but if we are not traveling to Disney World I usually rack my brain to come up with something to make the trip more interesting and exciting for him. Recently we took a trip to London and Paris.

One of the items on our agenda would be a trip to Cardiff and the Dr. Who Experience – have I mentioned that before?…


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Rufus Goes to Sea by Kim T. Griswell & illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev [Review & Giveaway]

Just looking at the cover sort of ticked my fancy and made me want to meet Rufus. How timely here at the start of summer, to have Rufus, who dearly loves school and books, go to school and find the school door locked. Other students are off to various summer activities, but Rufus decides he want to be a pirate. So he sets out to board a pirate ship and go to sea.…


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The Marigold: The flower that has some surprising skincare benefits + Nouveau/Organica 100% Vegan Moiturizer review:


I've run across Calendula officinalis or…


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"Hey Mama Teas" designed for the pregnant or nursing mother, but delicious for anyone! [Review & Giveaway]

This really caught my attention. You see, although I'm a Southern lady-of-a-certain-age and not of child-bearing age, I am a mother. My children are grown and have given me 13 grand children. I've seen pregnancy close-up-and-personal. Nursing babies has been priority, too. But so has thirst and a desire for something thirst-quenching and refreshing. And of course, something that won't harm that little one.…


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Pamper Your Cold Giveaway ~ 7/6/15


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Connection Advice for Parents Who Travel

This week is a busy week for me. My kids finish school tomorrow. The next day – Wednesday – is the first official day of summer break for them and then I leave for a work conference on Thursday. My younger two kids do not particularly love when I travel for work, so last year around this time when I left for…


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Confessions of a DIY-Challenged Mom: Why I Had to Paint My Daughter's Bedroom Floor 6 Times & What I Learned in the Process

You need to know something before you read any further. (Thanks for reading this far, by the way.) 

One of my life-motto hashtags is #idkhow…


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Hydrate & brighten skin with UMF Manuka honey & Manuka Secrets Serum:


UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor and is made up of a trademark for quality and grading process of natural and unaltered Manuka honey.…


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Spiritual Sunday - When the storms of life

Words for consideration and spiritual growth…


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It's the first day of Summer, time for Summertime play

What else is open year round, lets the kids tire themselves out and is totally FREE? Kids get to run wild, make friends and get a feeling of independence. Meanwhile they're oblivious to the fact that we're actually watching their every move. After all, for a semi helicopter mom like me, who used to…


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Father's Day 2015

Happy Father’s day to the father of my kids. Click here for more...…


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Courage isn’t just a matter of not being frightened … It’s being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway…


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Super Pretty Rub-on Tattoos #Freebie

These are so pretty!  And they're free! …


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8 awesome uses for pure tea tree oil

8 Awesome Uses for pure tea tree oil Here…


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