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Make Your Own Condiments


There are just about as many different types of condiments as there are different types of food, with various cultures having versions that are unique or particularly important to the people of that culture. Common examples of condiments include ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salad dressing, soy sauce, barbecue sauce and relish. Often added to a food to introduce new flavors or enhance…


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Toddler Room Organization

I don't know about you guys, but I am a total organization freak! I love to have a place for everything...even though everything may not always be in its place. On a recent date my hubby had to literally pull me away from the window of the container store because I was in heaven! Now, with a second baby on the way my love and need for organization has multiplied ten-fold, and it's not just my little man's room that's getting a complete overhaul, my daughter's room is getting an entire…


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Mommy’s Mini Manipulator


Just gaze at that adorable chubby baby face. She looks so perfect and innocent, right? She SO is (I know, I know, biased mommy), but listen up people, because I’m about to unveil some very important information here. I’ve been at this whole motherhood thing for a…

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Salted Yogurt Drink

Salted Yogurt Drink/Masala Chhach/Namkeen Lassi:

Lassi is a popular style of Indian drink made from homemade plain yogurt and served in tall steel glass or kulhads. One of the most common Indian yogurt drinks is salted yogurt drink i.e Namkeen Lassi. Last week, I was exploring few books in the library while my daughter was attending the kid’s event. I came across an interesting fact. Namkeen Lassi is…


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Lychee Lime Drink

Let’s go tropical with Lychee Lime Drink:

I am a big fan of Lychee. As a kid, I used to wait for summertime so that I can enjoy this tropical fruit.  That time I didn’t know the health benefits of Lychee.. After some reading, I came to know that Lychee fruit is packed with lots of health benefits. It contains vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy living.

Since, I like it a lot so I thought of trying out some drink with it. Here is my…


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Non-Alcoholic Summer Party Drinks

It’s summer; it’s hot outside. Summer heat always calls for some refreshing drinks. We usually have get together, potlucks, gathering during summer. Apart from deciding on the food part, drinks is another area where we have to think. I always like the taste of fresh fruits when it comes to drinks. Let’s make some refreshing non-alcoholic summer party drinks that you can enjoy at any time of the day. They are  not only perfect for kids (as they do not have any alcohol…


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LAST DAY TO ENTER, so far great chances of winning. 2 exercise videos. 1 Winner will have a chance to win (2) Shazzy Fitness Workout DVDs. (USA) Contest ends 7/21/14 at 8pmhttp://cleverlychanging.com…

LAST DAY TO ENTER, so far great chances of winning. 2 exercise videos. 1 Winner will have a chance to win (2) Shazzy Fitness Workout DVDs. (USA) Contest ends 7/21/14 at 8pmhttp://cleverlychanging.com/2014/06/shazzy-fitness/

Over the past couple of months, I have been exercising more…


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Going to the Park

Summertime is my favorite time!

Yes it's hot, it can be sticky but let's look at the bright side...

It takes you half the time to get dressed, daylight is much longer and as a mommy or daddy you get a break from homework duties I say thank heavens for that!!!

On my walk around the park the other afternoon I came across a struggling mom. 

Struggling, because she had two kids, five bags and a carriage.

Wow, I had to stop and really…


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Reflecting: The First 4 Months of Mommyhood

This week Teagan turned 4 months. I can't believe how quickly she is growing and changing and how much I can love one little person. I knew our lives as new parents would change, but you never really know how it will be until the little one arrives. Here are a few things I've learned along the way.

1. My house will never be perfectly clean ever again.

Anyone who knows me knows that before Teagan I was very OCD about the cleanliness of my home.…


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14 Fauquier County Fair Firsts in Photos (Say It Three Times Fast)

Originally Published on Pecked To Death By Chickens blog.

Yesterday I attended the Fauquier County Fair with my husband, two kids (2 and 4) and my parents.  Having just moved back to the area after 20 years, we enjoyed the country atmosphere, field parking, and smell of funnel cakes in the air.

For my readers who are not familiar with Fauquier County, it is pronounced Faw-Kyeer and is NOT a curse word as long…


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Just Another "Crazy Crunchy" Family.....or are we?

I've been thinking that I wanted to write a post to share more about who we are, for those who don't know us, or at least...don't know us very well. But I wasn't sure where to start until yesterday, after a conversation with a dear friend. We were talking about how it's easy to look at how someone chooses to do something and feel like in order to measure up, we need to be doing the same. It's so hard not to compare ourselves to others sometimes, isn't it? Truthfully, I really struggle…


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On What's Important

This is what’s important. You need to skip the vegetables sometimes, and just have waffles with loads and loads of whipped cream for dinner. Read extra stories before bed, and use your silly voice. Sing extra songs. Tickle often. Tell your daughter that she is beautiful always, no matter what. Play make believe, get on your hands and knees and be a fire-breathing dragon. Make messes, make so many messes. Messy rooms are places where kids were…


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The Bookstore Revisited…….

His Favorite Book Store has re-opened! Wicked Good Books - Salem, MA- July 6, 2014

We love Salem, MA. It is one of the places, along with New York City, NY and Mystic CT, that we visit any time we have the chance. Salem has been our Halloween/October destination for many, many years. We also try to visit during the year when it is not as crowded. So we are in Salem a couple- three…


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Starting an Avocado Tree

A few weeks ago I posted photos on my instagram page showing how beautifully my mother in law's fruits plants have grown. She has a papaya tree, avocado tree, banana tree, mango tree and more grown. There are a few others in their beginning stages. It only took about 5 years for some of her plants to start bearing fruit and I was thinking I should've started growing plants as soon as we bought our house. By now I would have…


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Clean Eating meal plan week 2

My week one went well; I stuck to the plan and it actually helped to have it written out .  For week two I am heading to Costco to buy bulk produce!  I did not have enough produce towards the end of week one :-(

Here is the meal plan for week two: meal prep on Sunday


Breakfast: Oatmeal for me and Breakfast cookies for the kids

2 1/2C whole wheat flour, 1/2C protein powder (I use Vanilla Cake Protizyme), 1/4tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp ground…


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Cost of Living in an ADHD Nation

Mommy Masters welcomes guest contributor, Ali Lawrence, who shares her perspective on such a prevalent topic families are dealing with. 

There is no worse feeling than being told that your child has a medical condition, one that could affect them…


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Garden Fresh: Freezing Green Beans

Since it's time to harvest some of those goodies from our gardens, I figured this would be a great time to begin sharing tips, tricks, and recipes for those garden harvest items. This is also useful for those Farmer's Market shoppers who aren't too…


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What I Learned From Super Moms

If you've clicked on this post you are one of three people. 1) someone who wants to know how to be a Super Mum, 2) a hater who wants to criticize me for putting pressure on mother's to be Super Mums, or 3) or my own Super Mum (thanks mum for boosting my traffic!).

If you are one or two, I have news for you! Chances are you already are an incredible mum! Yes, it's true for even you haters! As far as I am concerned, you are an incredible mum if you spend quality time with your children,…


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I Love the Farmer's Market

I Love the Farmer's Market

originally posted on www.womaninthemancave.com…


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5 Blog Post Ideas…For When You’re Too Tired To Think

This week has just been busy.

Normally I thrive with being productive, and I typically give myself too much to do everyday.  Normally, I love having too much to do…aragorn speech

School, laundry (sort of), cleaning, sanitizing, dishes…by hand since the dishwasher is on the fritz…cooking, laundry (hey, it’s clean), planning, an anniversary, sewing club and laundry during hot California…


Added by Tamarah Rockwood on July 18, 2014 at 7:14pm — 2 Comments

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