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Need Some New Thanksgiving Side Dishes?


The centerpiece of contemporary Thanksgiving in the United States and Canada is a huge meal, generally featuring a large roasted turkey. The majority of the dishes in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner are made from foods native to the New World. However, many of the classic traditions attributed to the first Thanksgiving are actually myths.

According to what is known about "The First…


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A Love Letter to My Husband

My Darling Husband,

Strange I know, that I begin most every letter I've written to you with the words "darling husband", when I don't necessarily use those words when talking to you.   I may not say them, but I do consider you the most darling of husbands, plus every romantic letter usually starts with some sort of adoration.   It sets the mood.

It's been almost nine years since you asked me to be your wife.  Nine years.  That's quite a span of time.   At first, I was nervous…


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Congratulations, You're Having Twins!

Firstly, a huge congratulations, you are having twins! Has anyone actually said that to you? Or are they too busy pulling faces and telling you about their friend’s neighbour who has a two year old and a set of twins and how they can’t imagine it... If not, then let me say a huge congratulations! Twins are amazing and will bring you more than “double the joy”. They are an enormous blessing; fun and so cute…


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Teagan's Nursery

It was no secret to my family and friends that I wasn’t one of those women who enjoyed being pregnant, BUT what I absolutely loved about awaiting Teagan’s arrival was decorating her nursery! Now that she has been with us for 8 months I was finally able to add some finishing touches and her room finally feels complete! Here is a breakdown of where I found inspiration.

Color Scheme: I always thought that if I had a girl I would naturally do a pink room, but…


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Alone Time

It was Writer's Workshop in my classroom, the time of day where children receive a minilesson in a writing skill, get independent time to practice writing, and then share their work with a classmate.  Tyler, one of my most prolific writers, asked me if she could go to the quiet corner to write.  I granted her request, and she gathered her folder, paper and pencil, and settled down to work.  After seeing Tyler go to a quiet spot, Annie approached me and asked the same thing.  "I can think…


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#Bloggers Opportunity: Christmas Blessings - Celebrate Christ Giveaway Hop - Sign ups!!!

Please sign up the Christmas Blessing - Celebrate Christ Giveaway Hop now till December 1st.

After that, I will send an email to Bloggers who participate this giveaway hop within 1-3…


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Abandoned And Left To Die, Adorable Pit Bull Finds Forever Home (VIDEO)

Bunny the Pit Bull

This poor Pit Bull's owners had abandoned her in a remote location in a desert area and left her there to die. But she was given a second chance in life when the Los Angeles-based organization Rescue From The Hart called the well-known animal rescue…


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5 Minecraft Tips Every Parent Should Know

Do you have a Minecraft crazy kid?  You're kids are just getting into the game? Then you need to get up to speed on all things minecraft.  Below you'll find essential tips that every parent needs to know.

More Tips @ http://minecraft-crazy.com/25-minecraft-tips-parents/…


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The ritual of it all

It is Friday evening, 5pm. I arrived home from work about an hour earlier and DC has just come in from the library with Mrs. H.

The moment Mrs. H. leaves to go home, his Friday ritual begins.

“Mom, may I ask you a question?”

Now I know what this question will be, there is only one question he asks in this way. He asks it in the exact same way every weekend. I am sure that somewhere along the line, when DC wanted to use his computer, I told…


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The Lie that is UnConditional Love

Happy Sunday.

We are just days away from Thanksgiving.

I woke this morning with a vivid thought. I may get a little wordy but hope you hang in there.

can't love UnConditionally because that may cause me internal and external harm. Be it physical, emotional or mental.

Well how shocking of a statement is that, but let's think about this for a moment and let's be open to a different perspective.

What is UnConditional…


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SUSU Handbag Review and Giveaway (Enter to win one up to $695)

Hello. My name is Ronda and I have a problem when it comes to shoes and hand bags. My gosh, some of them can be delicious.....looking!

The photo above is of the Melissa bag in blue. It has a zipper that opens from the top to halfway down the sides, about 22". The outside is made of 100% Genuine Saffiano Leather, it has 2 cell phone pockets, a…


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Five Things I Did For My Students That Today's Teachers Wouldn't Do


Education has definitely changed over the past couple of decades and, in my opinion, not for the better.  I grew up in the sixties and seventies and my teachers were still of the belief that being a teacher was a calling and a noble profession.  My public elementary school teachers taught me how to play chess, to cherish a book called Winnie The Pooh (which I later red to…

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Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt--Free Printable

My autumn themed scavenger hunt is the perfect way to keep your little ones busy on that wonderful eating day we love so much! 

With all the fun festivities we have planned for turkey day, this fun scavenger hunt is the perfect way to get the kids outside to get some…


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When reading about Autism it is not only with my head but also with my heart

Part of what I do as an Autism Mom is read blogs by children and adults with Autism, as well as blogs by other…


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Interview: Susie Krabacher, Co-Founder and President of Mercy and Sharing, a Haitian Children’s Relief Organization

If you are looking for a solid organization to donate to this holiday season, please consider donating to Mercy & Sharing. Read the interview below and you will see why I support this one of a kind organization.  Please feel free to email Susie with any questions. You can leave a question in the contact section of Mercy & Sharing's  website.  Thanks so much.…


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Symptoms of Drug Abuse and My Experience

Symptoms of Drug Abuse and My Experience

I have experience with a drug addict in our home.


Symptoms Of  Drug Abuse



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4 tips for dealing with a sick baby and sleep deprivation

The weather is changing and with that comes unwanted colds, coughs, sniffles and infections that make our babies very miserable and in turn make us very tired and sleep deprived

This Past weekend was rough, baby Ezry (#4) was sick he had a severe ear infection. He started being fussy Wednesday afternoon, by nighttime he had a high fever and was inconsolable. I did not get any sleep Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. I mean none he pretty much cried the whole night.…


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How to keep your toddler busy?

Mother and Daughter Reading Together

Toddlers and 2 year old kids are the naturally busy people. And they know how to keep you busy with them. Isn’t?  This age is very tricky but at the same time it’s a wonderful phase. My daughter is 6 now. But, I still remember her toddler stage. Yes, there were few tantrum days or say few odd days but I will not call them terrible Two’s. Kids at any age…


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What do you need to prepare for a power outage?


I have a blogger friend who hasn’t really gotten into …


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Good morning friends,

I hope this week found you all in good spirits. Yesterday was my 10 year wedding anniversary. This coming January will mark 13 years the hubby and I have been together. This is incredibly HUGE for me, considering my past(which I will delve into one of these days, I promise).

The hubby and I have been through countless hurdles, as I’m pretty…


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