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Eating Un-Favorite Foods

Dedicated to the moms who attended the“Citibabes Nutrition Lunch and Learn” with Laura Cipullo on Wednesday, April 19th

So the fish sticks are still a “stinking” issue at our house! As I have shared in previous blog posts—especially “Something More than…


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Someone is Wrong on the Internet!

*See the original blog post at sdbaird.blogspot.com

Today as I was scrolling down my Facebook feed, I came across across a link titled "Idaho Barbies! Hilarious!" Lorin and I just moved from Idaho, and I like a good laugh just as much as the next person, so I clicked on the link to see what was so…


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Why Do Puzzles Make Great Learning Tools?

Yesterday when I went to pick up my son from daycare, he was playing and having a great time.  The teacher was letting all of the kids in his classroom play with puzzles and my son was trying very hard to get the puzzle pieces into the right spot.  It was fun to watch him play and learn a new skill.  I…


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Dry-Erase Workout Board: DIY Tutorial

Last year I made a Menu Board for my kitchen. This simple creation has had a huge impact on the quality of the food we eat and has reduced our food budget. However, I recently had the…


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D-I-Y Framed Magnetic Board

Part 3 of the fridge organization series!

Now that I've shown you how we made the frames and weathered the wood, it's time to put something inside them! The first one is going to be a magnetic board - framed, and covered in fabric.…


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mango-kombucha sorbet - a probiotic palate cleanser

Maybe you saw the EWG’s shopping guide today? Well I was so excited to see that mangos and kiwi are still in the Clean Fifteen list….mostly because I bought a case of mangos last week at Costco. And I’m relieved that I don’t have to throw them away!

But it…


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I wanted to share my most recent DIY for Dahlia….Split leggings for little fashionista. Click here to see the rest of the post: Pretty Little Dahlia

I wanted to share my most recent DIY for Dahlia….Split leggings for little fashionista. Click here to see the rest of the post:…


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Win A $500 Target Gift Card!

Rewards for Mom

Winning a $500 Target Gift Card would come in very handy for purchasing those new Summer clothes or stocking up on favorite items around the house! Join the Rewards for Mom newsletter filled with free coupons, gift cards, free samples & more.…


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No Child Left Behind Has Hurt Our Preschool Boys



Having spent a decade working with children (birth to seven years) I can say with certainty that preschools are not designed with boys in mind.  In 2011, I was sitting in my office with three boys (all four years old).  They were having a difficult time sitting for circle time. I asked them why they could not sit down.

It is sooooo long, Ms. Jill!

It is so…


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How My Divorce Has Made Me A Better Mother

Nine months ago I finally got up the backbone to not only ask my ex husband to leave - once again - but the power to actually follow through and make him go.  Not an easy feat but it was the best decision I have made since deciding to have children.

Since then, life has just gotten better.

me and girls

My confidence has risen to almost…


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Firmoo" FREE" Eyeglasses Giveaway!!


   Hello people!!!  For those who need a few more eyes than just two, such as myself, I have the perfect solution for you!  Firmoo, an online eyeglass solution website is doing a MASSIVE eyeglass giveaway for first time customers!  I myself, have went through the phenomenal experience of picking and ordering a pair of glasses that became love at first sight…get it?!…


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Breaking the Silence for Autism Awareness

Okay, I'm sure most of you have either been wondering why I've been so quiet or, some have just given up on guessing and came to your own conclusion that I have finally had enough with this nonsense I call my life, threw in the towel on whatever self control I have left, and have been sharing a fancy sleeping space next to Big Bertha on Cell Block B...........  Not quite.  Not yet anyway!  I continue to shock even myself with this extremely high tolerance level for people pissing in…


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Welcome to Optimal Health Consultant.com

Thanks for stopping by.  There’s a lot to look through here so let me give you a few tips on how to navigate through these pages.

Optimal Health

There is a lot of conflicting information about what health means so I hope to clear up this question.  Optimal health is based upon your body…


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Let Your Baby Choose Their Birthday (Planned Inductions)

If you've been reading my blog, you likely saw the post I wrote about choosing to do a natural birth. Well before you picture me in a bathtub giving birth at the house, I really just mean a drug free birth. Although truthfully I wish I was brave enough to give birth at home, but I'm not quite there yet. 
One of my preferences with choosing to give birth naturally is to also stay away from being…

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Healthy Habits Giveaway

The creator of MomDishesItOut — savvy city mom and registered dietitian Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, CEDRD,  has developed The Mommy Manual’s Healthy HabitsThis healthy-eating and physical activity workbook can be used by coaches, school teachers or even parents teaching nutrition.  Through this approach, you…


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Enter to win Eco-Buds Take-Along Organic Toy for Baby!

Enter for your chance to win an adorable Eco-Buds Take-Along organic toy for baby! Enter by 5/8!…


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Little Jess doesn't care what everyone thinks anymore...at least not as much :)

Before I begin, let me just apologize for the massive amounts of spelling errors in my last post. When you work from home, you have to use the time you're given. Yesterday that time happened to be while I was sitting in the driveway with two kids sleeping (ready to awaken at any moment), sucking down Starbucks and  typing away with my sausage fingers on a cell phone key pad clearly only made for hand models and Olsen twins. C'mon Iphone. Please don't add my vienna sausage fingers to the…


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Dandelion Days

Dandelion days.

A sea of golden yellows dots the yard; they seem to have popped up over night. Having just learned, "April showers bring May flowers," my son repeats the phrase to himself as he explores each flower.

For that is what they are to him: flowers.

He hurries to bring me one, proud to be giving Mommy the flower.

And I treasure it.

As he races to collect more, I think about how fast this time will pass.

Soon the yellow flower heads will turn…


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We Had a Blast AT The Blast for the White Cloud Diapers Event

RJ and I went to The Blast – a rocket ship themed indoor playground – last week for an event sponsored by White Cloud Diapers. And I have to tell you…that place is pretty dang awesome. It’s got everything a kid could ask for – it was like a McDonald’s playland on steroids. And I felt like I belonged on a kid version of American Gladiators. Not.Joking.

See what I mean? Awesome.

Anyway – there were a bunch of mommy bloggers there with their kiddos. And RJ was…


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Surprise Mom With A Mother’s Day Ring – Learn Why She Wants One

Do you want to give the mother in your life a mother’s ring?  A mother’s ring is a great piece of jewelry that displays each of her child’s birthstone and make a great surprise gift.  A birthstone can represent a child that is living or one that has passed on.  I know that mom’s around the world long to have a mothers ring at some point in their lifetime so that they can remember their child each time they look down at their hand.

Read more at…


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