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FitBit Zip Giveaway to Celebrate 2,000 Youtube Subscribers

Hello Ladies,

I am giving away an all white FitBit Zip activity tracker valued at 59.99 .   It has been a very important part of my weight loss journey and I want to share this little piece of technology with one lucky winner.  The FitBit Zip is perfect for just about everyone from those that are on a weight loss journey like myself to those that just want to challenge themselves to become more active.

Check out my blog (…


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Just a Typical Day in the Life of a Working Mama.

The life of a working mama. Aka a typical working day. Aka today. Literally.

Up with the babe.
Change the babe.
Let the dog out.
Make coffee.
Feed the dog.
Feed the babe.
Clean up the kitchen.
Get ready for the day.
Change the babe again...Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project

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The stranger in Starbucks

Lola was in a particularly feisty mood today, and by 4 pm she had had it!
Not that I blame her. Every Monday we drop Carly at dance class at 3.45 pm and every Monday we are forced to hang around until Carly’s class is done at 5.30 pm.
Some weeks aren’t so bad. We’ve wasted away many an hour (and many a dollar) on crap at the dollar store next to the dance studio. We nearly always have a Starbucks treat. And when the weather is dry, we while away a happy hour at the…

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What to Expect When Your Child May Be Getting Their Two Year Molars?

Today my youngest got to spend the day with me, he started running a low grade fever last night and acted like he didn’t feel very good.  I decided that is was best to keep him home from daycare so that he could get some extra rest while I monitored his fever.  It was nice being able to spend some one on one time with my baby.  We enjoyed the extra snuggles and cuddles, we watched a few of his favorite shows on TV, and spent some time …


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Thank god she's not our nanny!

I read a lot of Mother's Day blogs and articles online yesterday, and one article was about the pressure to be the perfect mom. Moms are not even willing to admit to the every day silly mistakes that all parents make anymore, because no mom wants to expose herself to the criticism and scorn from the other "perfect" parents. Back in the day, you could screw up occasionally and admit it without fear of universal…


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How To End The Debate: Argumentative Children

My future lawyer (aka my five-year old son) has become quite good at arguing.  I know he is about to start a great debate when I hear....How To End the Debate 3


Wait a minute.....

Let me tell you what I think......

Mom, that's crazy...... (my least favorite one)

Lately, I do not have to hear any of those statements first to know…


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Movie Homes I Love

Movie Set Decoration Love

I was inspired to write this post after reading Emily A. Clark's blog about decorating with a plan or…


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My Entry Way Complete!

The Bench Won Out

At last it is complete - I made the final touches today by installing hooks for the light fixture.  I had gone back and forth with deciding on whether or not to place a console table at the entry way or a…


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5 Things Your Pastor and Spouse Might Like You To Know

Aaron and I have been in and out of "ministry" and ministries for the last 6 years. Longer than that if you include the ministry we each did before we started dating and got married. I always had a perception of what it meant to be "in ministry"- being a pastor, being a pastors wife, and being a parsonage family. 

Now for those of you who's heads are already spinning, I'll lay it out like this- being "in ministry" just usually means that you hold some sort of…


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Children's Book Week May 13-19

Every year during children’s book…

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Looks we love

Looks We Love: Enamel Sale ends 05/16 From graphic black & white to jazzy blues to sweet mint greens to classic ivory, you’re sure to find something to love with a touch of lustrous enamel trim. Want a simple way to spice up a white tee and skins jeans? Look no further than a pop of enamel. And it’s great for color-blocking, too. https://erikas.kitsylane.com//index.php?file=sale&sId=447 …


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I always wanted a minivan! (Insert sarcasm here)

When I was pregnant with our second child, it made sense to buy a new car. After all, I was still driving my cute, sporty, two door, Honda Accord that I bought when I was in college.. We shopped around for a while and decided to buy an SUV. It was a nice enough SUV that I was happy to replace my Accord with it and relieved that I didn’t have to be one of those minivan drivers.

Fast forward two years later and I am pregnant with what I thought was just our third child. I…


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Lake Season Begins

On Saturday my little family went out to my parents' lake lot to "open" it up for the season and to partake in an early Mother's Day.

It was a glorious day! The sun was shining and signs of spring could be seen everywhere.

Here are a few pictures from the day....…


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Treasure Trooper

Are any other Mommy Bloggers members of Treasure Trooper (get paid for your opinions, take surveys...).  Fellow bloggers, join me here:  http://www.treasuretrooper.com/b845397 

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Children's Book Week

Pin It

Celebrate reading this week.

Children's Book Week (…


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Cucumbers are generally believed to have originated in India and have been cultivated throughout western Asia for at least 3,000 years. From India, the cucumber spread to Greece and Italy and slightly later to China and southern Russia. Cucumbers probably were brought to the rest of Europe by the Romans and later to the New World via colonialism and trade networks. Their cultivation first appeared in France by the ninth century, Great Britain by…


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My Simple Yet Sweet Mother’s Day Surprise

Mom’s aren’t supposed to get sick!  I wish it was true but even germs and icky critters take us down for the count.  Over the weekend, my husband finally convinced me to go see a doctor when I told him that I woke up around 4 AM on Saturday morning with a pounding headache.  It wasn’t your typical headache, this…


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Preschooler Science Fun

Our fizzing science experiment and what my kids call “gak” have set my kids crazy for preschooler science experiments.

And what could be easier than oil and water?

To make it easier to see the two different liquids, and to add to the excitement, I added some food coloring to the water before we got started.

preschool science experiment

A pair of plastic bottles with screw-on lids allowed each of them to conduct their own experiment, without making a…


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Weekend Wrap-up #4


Weekend of 5/11/13 – 5/12/13:

My Mother’s Day weekend was truly amazing. Saturday was just me and the kids since Ed was working. Brielle and I painted our nails – matching zebra stripes, of course! – and planted the flowers we bought from her school’s fundraiser.…


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