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2014 Limits On Cost Sharing Requirements

Many of you love Health Savings Accounts to keep your coverage affordable and have better catastrophic coverage. Here's the scoop of the deductible maximums for 2014.

Annual Limits on Cost-Sharing Requirements (§156.130(a))

The ACA limits annual cost-sharing to levels required under health savings account (HSA) compatible high-deductible health plans…


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Significant Changes Can Be Expected For Many Americans In Terms Of The "Essential Health Benefits" Plans

The Essential Health Benefits Package 

Significant changes can be expected for many Americans in terms of the "Essential Health Benefits" plans.

Significant changes can be expected for many Americans in terms of the "Essential Health Benefits" plans that will be offered when states begin implementing the public health care exchanges…

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How To Eat Your Water and Stay Hydrated

No matter what time of the year it is, staying hydrated is important. Remember, the human body is composed of about 70% of water weight! This means that water plays a major role in maintaining our bodily functions, including removing waste and toxins, maintaining body temperature, and preventing dehydration.

During the summer months however, the heat makes it all the more important for you to stay hydrated. Whether or not you’re physically active, you lose water…


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Blog Design: I have an addiction.

So I've done it again. I can't stop re-designing my site. This time I modified the mompreneur theme because I now use the genesis framework. (love it) 

I've also designed some super cute themes that I'm going to start selling on my site in the near future. I'll still keep the freebie section, of course :)

Do you like the site colors? Do you have any suggestions? I'd really love your input.

Sarah xo…


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Ring Around the Rosie: Learn The Truth Behind This Popular Nursery Rhyme and Game

Do you remember playing Ring Around the Rosie as a child?  I do!  I remember playing this game when I was fairly young.  When my son came home from daycare a few days ago saying “posies, posies” while grabbing his older brother’s hand.  I was trying to figure out what he was talking about.  My son would grab…


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Why I Run Wednesday (Photo Series) AND WIN ON PINTEREST!

My inaugural "Why I Run" Wednesday photo is up... come see why I run and find out how you can win prizes by showing me WHY YOU RUN on Pinterest!


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D-I-Y Terrarium

Hi, my name is Kim, and I'm a plant killer. I have the best of intentions, but somehow, I always manage to do something that results in a slow, agonizing death for my plants. So when I heard that terrarium plants are pretty hardy and require a minimum of care, I figured we might be a match made in plant heaven.


{enjoy the view blog} | DIY Terrarium project


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Eco-Friendly Workout Clothes

If you've been here before, you may have read my recent post about my introduction to yoga.  Initially, I decided to try yoga for the stress relieving benefits, but have since found that it's helping to strengthen and tone my body and helping with my balance and posture.

As I read more and more about yogis, those who practice yoga as a way of life, I'm finding that most of them are vegans (which I am not) and all of them are very conscious of the planet and our effect on it.  That…


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Can You Go Green With Coupons?

It's no secret that one of my passions is finding ways for the every day family to Go Green.  But I didn't just wake up one day and decide to turn my household upside down.  That would have been counterproductive and the effort would have been short-lived.

So I decided to make the journey one small step at a…


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I Wanna Soak Up The Sun

For many folks in the United States, spring cannot get here soon enough.  Between torrential rain storms, late winter storms, and generally below average temperatures, American families are eager to get outdoors.

But even if temperatures are a little cooler than what you’d typically expect as this time of…


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How To Build A Raised Garden Bed - For LESS

Photo: Got my raised garden bed made! Thanks, Priscilla Priscilla and Deborah Clanton and Keith Clark!

Spring is HERE, and where I live, we have been having beautiful weather! I can not help but…


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Boys Will Be Boys (And Other Lies) - The Triumph Award

Imagine my surprise to find out that I’ve had this amazing award bestowed upon me by my pals over at http://menopausalmother.blogspot.com and http://thepursuitofnormal.blogspot.com.  Like me,…


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Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Mom Style

Every Wednesday, I hear people say “Happy Hump Day” and I must tell you it makes me more than a little bit uncomfortable.  Yes, I get that I’m immature but I can’t help it.  I don’t want to think about my old dog’s annoying habits when company came over.

So I thought that I would invent Ferris Bueller Day…


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5 Easy and Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

It’s the thought behind the gift that counts, but when that gift arrives in a beautifully hand wrapped package it’s a bit more special. Receiving a fabulously wrapped gift doesn’t just build up anticipation for the gift inside, it adds to the gift as a whole.  You can do something simple, like wrapping your gift in kraft paper and decorating it with washi tape, or get your hands dirty and make some yarn pom-poms. However you decide to decorate your gift, you can always find something lying…


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Wine And Chocolate

Blog Every Day in May Challenge- Day 8

Today I'm supposed to give you some great advice! Are you ready? I'm not.

I was trying to think up something really profound, I mean really life changing and deep. I've…

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The Burning House Project

A lovely blogger, Charlotte from Charlotte's Web, recently shared about a website/project entitled, The Burning House. The website contains photos of what people would save if their house was on fire. As I read Charlotte's posting, I began to contemplate what I would save if my house were on fire.

Obviously, children…


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Then I Became a Mother

Mother's Day is quickly approaching.  To celebrate, Then I Became a Mother (Kindle Edition) is on sale for just…


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Enter to WIN a Pair of Real Kids Shades Sunglasses for Baby/Kids!

Enter to WIN a pair of Real Kids Shades Sunglasses for Baby/Kids! Enter by 5/22 (LOW ENTRIES!!)…


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Mother's Day Is Not My Mother's

This is a hard post. Very hard.

Every year I face the same feeling towards celebrating Mother's Day, I am untouched. Celebrating Mother's day is not a synonym of celebrating me (in my head) even though I'm totally qualified for it now. Mother's Day resonates to me as to celebrate my own mother. And that is every year as you know.

This post is hard not only because of the type of post, you know, writing about…


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Fat Lady Loses 50: Follow me as I lose the baby weight!

I am excited to share with you my journey to lose the baby weight. I call it Fat Lady Loses 50. You may wonder why I choose to call myself fat, and that would be a very good question. You see, when I was a teenager it was not uncommon for the kids to make fun of me, even my own family used the term loosely. It hurt a lot back then in fact, I defined myself completely through the fat lens.

Looking back on photos I realize now that I wasn't really all that fat. I may have been…


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