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Motivation and Inspiration for Life Goals

Motivation and Inspiration for Life Goals

Motivation, inspiration, for me, start with dreams and goals. What do you dream of doing during your life? Where do you dream of visiting? What inspires and motivates you to reach for your dreams? Do you use motivational quotes,inspirational images, or inspiring words and…


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Ice Cream Chocolate Cookie Desserts

It’s Friday!!  Which means I’m starting a new series devoted to fun and tasty recipes to share every Friday.  To start the series off (and a fantastic 3 day weekend)…  Ice Cream Chocolate Cookie Desserts.  

Time to celebrate Friday and a three day weekend!  I am celebrating the weekend, no school, no homework, no early “hurry up! you’re going to miss the bus” frantic weekday mornings.

I found this easy and …


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How many new time parents think about all the diapers they need. Even parents that have had more than one child remember the hundreds and hundreds of diapers they need while your little one is growing up. Have diapers on your list grocery list constantly or perhaps you are planning on a new edition to…


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Life Hacks

Where we would be without all the life hacks? There are these little ways to make our lives easier. These are tips and trick that I love to use in every – day life, and can help you organize, prolong, or preserve your products, or teach you something that you simply did not know before.

* When ironing a buttoned shirt, just flip it inside-out and you can easily iron over the button side.

* Put old newspaper at the bottom of your garbage bin to absorb food…


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Dark Hope Book One of the Archangel Prophecies

Thank you Greenleaf Book Group for sponsoring this post. Click here to check out Dark Hope: Book One of the Archangel Prophecies by Monica McGurk. As always, I was excited to get a new book in the mail. This one is called Dark Hope, it is book one of the Archangel Prophecies series. Dark Hope is written by Monica McGurk you can click HERE to read a little about her. Dark Hope is classified as a young adult fiction book you can find it in both kindle and paperback on…


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Things I've Learned This Week

Woo hoo!  It's the happiest day of the week, which means it's time for another one of my lists of things I've learned lately.  This week's list includes the realization that some of us take our 9 year olds to…


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Are Carbs Enemies or Buddies

We all want to lose weight, look pretty and feel confident about ourselves. We all work hard to achieve our healthy weight goals and first thing that we do is to eliminate carb from our diet. Yes, that’s the first thing recommended but have you ever thought…


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Make Up Bag Woes

‘What can I do to reduce the size of the makeup bag in my purse?’…

makeup by Hayley.Bolan, on Flickr

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Poke Cake | Holiday Dessert


Hello friends,

are you gearing up for this long Labor Day Weekend?  What are your plans, will you be heading to the parks, a pool party, or just chillaxin at home?  I will be doing a little grilling using the…


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My Top 5 Summer Colors

As summer weather is slowly making its exit (sob!), it felt appropriate to do a recap of sorts. But instead of doing a recap of just my outfits, I wanted to focus on the colors and color pairings that I enjoyed wearing this past summer and have been inspired by from other great bloggers. Some are classics that will always be at the top of my list and others are newfound loves that I plan to incorporate into my wardrobe more regularly in the near future. I've sneaked in a couple of spring…


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StepTember Fitness Challenge, Giveaway & Blog Hop

Sue's Steptember Fitness Challenge

The summer seems to have flown by in a blink of an eye, and it’s hard to believe Sunday is September 1st. But I love September, and there’s always something refreshing about the start of a brand new week and month for me – I feel like I’m given a clean slate. Whether it’s starting a new project, wrapping up unfinished tasks or embarking on…


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Whistling to birds...

The Navigator has been trying to replicate bird song lately and asked that I post this recording on Autism Mom. I proudly present the Whistling Navigator!

I liked these items found on …

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Cheeseboard Complete $39.99This gourmet meat and cheese assortment is a delectable gift loaded with savory delights! Gourmet goodies…


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Want to Have Fun – Create A Family Game



You can find serenity in learning that it can be really fun to create a family game.  In most areas around the country, the new school year has either started or is about to start. At the same time, many families enjoyed the closeness and fun of the bonding and fun of summer vacation. One way to keep the fun going throughout the school year is to create a family game.

The great…


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My Ferguson

I currently live in North Dakota, however I am a very new transplant to this state.  Four months ago I was living several states away, in Ferguson, MO.  Eight years ago we bought a house there, and we still own this house, we are currently renting it out.  So when I got a text message from a friend back home that there were riots going on in Ferguson over a boy shot by a police officer my heart went straight into my throat.  Since Monday morning I have been nearly glued to the computer it…


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Mom Guilt: An Update

It seems like not too long ago, I was trapped in the evil throngs of mom guilt. I could barely step away from my child without freaking out and feeling like a total failure, an abandoner if you will. Mommy’s not here, she left you in the big bad world! Now to be fair to myself, when Emma was little and…


Added by Kathryn Patterson on August 28, 2014 at 9:19pm — 1 Comment

Sciatica and Dave Mathews

Looking back on my last few posts my mommy blog seems to have turned into a woe is me blog, which isn't very fun or even the point of this space. I was going to just pop up with a post on our summer vacation which was weeks ago but I figured that would feel a little manic so I decided to give an account of what's been going on and then get back to more feel good writing because we are not all doom…


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Sometimes Mommies Cry

Original Post:


Motherhood is riddled with a wide range of emotions. From the day that your child is born, you are overcome with feelings like you have never felt before. You have never loved so much, laughed so much,…


Added by Kim Uliana on August 28, 2014 at 8:55pm — No Comments

Hello Kitty Is A Girl, And So Is The Brave Little Toaster…

I totally can’t think at all when I am in pain.

I haven’t just had this dense, chilled mercury brain-fog all week because of pain: I have had an entire body fog.  I haven’t been able to move much, sit much, or do much without the express aid of Motrin.  My “give a care” meter for decisions has also been on the low side: macaroni for dinner for the kids?  Yep. And I am positive every step of my “low carb diet” plan has been foiled, burned and tossed into the nebula of gluten free…


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