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Shopping Habits of a Mom

Shopping Habits of a Mom

May 3, 2012
By Jennifer

I have enjoyed shopping for a very long time. Years ago it was combat boots, stone-washed jeans, and nerdy graphic tees in my shopping bags. Nowadays it’s Converse sneakers, a dry pair of pants, and more nerdy graphic tees. But my shopping bags aren’t for me anymore. They’re usually for my…


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And I Ran

Exercise; one of the few subjects I have little to say about. I have avoided regular or vigorous exercise my entire adult life. When I was in high school, I picked a maximum weight and vowed to diet and exercise if I ever reached it. Fortunately, the only time I ever reached the maximum weight, I was eight months pregnant.…


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5 Parenting Things I Should or Shouldn’t Be Doing

Although I am a working mom, my toughest job is being a mom. Children are complicated and they don’t come with any instructions.

I taught for five years before switching careers in 2008. My students ranged in age from 3 to 14 and the subjects I taught ranged from Montessori to Spanish. Some of the more friendly parents would talk to me about their parenting issues, and I assumed that someday I would be well prepared to handle it. As a teacher, I had to deal with potty fights (use your…


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Atlanta mothers: Spring into fun this weekend

It is the first weekend of Spring and planning fun activities for the children will be enjoyable for the whole family. This weekend in Atlanta, we will have a...…


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The Hunger Games: A review by a mother who was reluctant to read it

Do not beware: this review does NOT contain spoilers!

Do you NEVER have time to read anymore? Yeah, me neither. If I did, I don’t even know what I would read. I am so out of touch with books, I’m not even sure they still call them books. Reading a book is a big commitment for me. I not only invest my time, but I also invest a little bit of myself in the characters.

I first encountered The Hunger Games on Twitter. Next, my coworkers were talking about…


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The Power of Play: 4 Ways to Encourage Imaginative Play


I am not quite ready to let M. go to Daycare.  I know intuitively she needs to and she is ready to but it seems I am not.  So I announced to JB that we needed to wait till April after flu season had passed.  Yes, yes a pathetic excuse but it was the best reason I could come up with faced with…


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All the Sloppy Ladies

Ladies, and only ladies, I am talking dirty to you. I am gonna talk about big-girl potties. Get the giggles out now because I am serious about this issue.

I know a lot of women (myself certainly not included) who brag about their cleanliness and organization. You probably know them too. They’re the ones reorganizing their pantries, sterilizing their refrigerators, and scrubbing floor tiles with a toothbrush before 7 am. They post this on Facebook too and usually ask for intervention…


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Welcome to our Kitchen

I am not a good cook. In fact, I’m a really bad cook. If you think my family is starving (or worse, eating the terrible things I cook), worry not. I married my husband specifically because he is a really good cook. Also, I love him.

Our first date consisted of conversation and a supreme pizza from Pizza Hut. Classy, right? In 8th grade, I earned the one and only ‘F’ of my academic career in home economics. It’s not as bad as you think; mom and dad thought it was funny and I was able…


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Pinterest for Mommies

I heart Pinterest. I would marry it if I could, but my husband won’t let me.

What is Pinterest? It’s something different for everybody. It is a place to organize and share ideas and thoughts. It’s whatever you want it to be! Am I vague enough? I used to imagine my head was full of tiny people and filing cabinets. This microscopic office environment’s primary function was to retrieve and provide information when necessary. If this microscopic environment had a bulletin board for…


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Babysaurus Rex: My 1 Year Old Eats Like a Dinosaur

Something happened at the pediatrician last week that I don’t quite understand. Although I am happy to report I did not sob through my son’s booster shots again, I’m a little confused about the way I behaved.

One of my biggest parenting peeves (EVER) is when other parents assume that they can tell YOU how to parent. But motherhood is a lot like driving; once you figure out which side of the road you should be driving on, you have to figure out how to get where you’re going.…


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How to Make Barbie Skinny Jeans Out of Duct Tape

Don’t let the title discourage you from reading. Let me explain.

I always enjoy meeting and connecting with new readers. Sure it’s nice to know people are listening to what you have to say, but it’s wonderful to hear what others are talking about. Occasionally I’ll discuss a topic others are discussing as well, but mostly I share random thoughts in my head. Life just happens and no two stories are truly alike.

I always take notice of the search engine terms that bring people to…


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The Problem With Pinterest

I’m old enough to complain about the way things used to be. The way our phones were attached to the wall and tethered with cords. The way our 10 song playlists were stored on devices that had to be turned over. The way we ‘got mail’ on paper. Ah, the way technology was. Remember when your $30 microwave used to cost $3000 or your $15 dollar cd player cost $400? Remember Gateway computers, Netscape, and MySpace?

I’m one of those weirdos that likes paper. I use paper for note-taking,…


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Crafty Tuesday: Coloured Ice Blocks


This winter has brought very mild weather and has given me a very muddy backyard. Obviously, I don't like sending kids outside to play in the mud so I've been trying to come up with activities to keep them busy on the deck (where there's no mud!). I first saw this idea on one of my favourite blogs, Meet the Dubiens, and thought that the kids…


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What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Childbirth


No doubt, a clever description of childbirth is not necessary. I’m sure you are thinking the same thing I am. PAIN!

Despite the fact that I have always wanted to have children of my own, I always considered childbirth to be an unfortunate obstacle; a very unfortunate and painful obstacle. After the doctor confirmed I was pregnant, my second thought was childbirth. I was scared, very scared, and had to deal with the reality that I would soon endure…


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How I Met Your Father

My husband will hate that I’ve shared our story. I love him, but mostly I don’t care if this bothers him or not. It’s my story too. It’s the story of how we met.

When you are in high school, everyone wants to know when you will get your driver’s license.  When you are in college, everyone wants to know what you are majoring in. When you finish college, everyone wants to know where you are working. When you are working, everyone wants to know if you are dating anyone.

After I…


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Life Labeled as a ‘Working Mom’

Hi, it’s me standing on my soap box. Yes… again.

Moms make difficult decisions every day: Should I buy the generic diapers on sale or should I splurge on name brand? Breast or bottle? Is my child crying because he really needs something or is he crying because he’s a little fussy? Despite the unsolicited advice and lectures I have endured regarding my…


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I’m an Open Book

My name doesn’t describe who I am very well. Jennifer isn’t an adjective.

If names were meant to describe who we are, mine would be: Clumsy, Forgetful, Awkward

Or perhaps something powerful like this: MOM

It would be wrong to call myself clever. Clever implies an ability to problem solve. My attempts at problem solving never result in solutions. For example: I get a D on…


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Freaking Out About Co-Sleeping

In case you’re wondering why I look a little taller today, it’s because I’m standing on my mommy soap box. Check out Mommy DIY if you don’t want to read my statement, otherwise, read on.

I want to be a good mom, I really do, but I have no idea what I am doing! While I was pregnant I studied parenting literature, questioned other moms, and prepared myself for baby. Lately, people just tell me what…


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Advetures in Grandparenting

Grandparents are special people;

  • There are lots of t-shirts complimenting their generosity (If daddy says no, grandpa says yes).
  • We have special days to honor them with house plants & neck ties.
  • They are presented with global awards for their outstanding service (World’s Best Grandparent).
  • They are the most cost-effective child care option and provide a low grandparent-grandchild ratio to provide special attention…

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Working Mom's Guide to Social Media

I talk about myself a lot. But then again, this is the place to do so. This is MY blog.

On Twitter I am known as DCWorkingMommy. Why? Because I am a mommy who works in Washington, D.C.  Clever, no?

I don’t talk about the specifics of what I do, however I share some of the drama that I sometimes encounter.

  • Driving in DC makes me CRAZY! Trying to avoid all social media until my chill pill kicks in.…

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