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My fitness plan & #formechallenge

I have always been active and somewhat healthy, but this last year I let my health and fitness take a back seat to life (aka...excuses).  Now, I am in control again and have the desire to push myself and grow (muscles that is). I am going to document my fitness journey, diet, and progress to hold myself accountable, inspire, & hope to get some other up & moving.

My goals:

1) set a positive example for family

2) eat clean

3 ) become strong--lift--3-4 x…


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Stay Motivated, Stay Healthy!

More often than not, we make excuses for not following a Health routine and postponing health related activities for “tomorrow.” Read…


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How I Controlled my Sugar Cravings!

Sugar can be addictive.Read the steps to control sugar…


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Video: Blast Your Muffin Top, Saddlebags, and Under Arm Fat!

Mamas, I buddied up with co-founder of Grass Roots Fitness, Joann Meginley, to put together a short video of five exercises you can do to tackle those postpartum problem areas. And if it wasn't for our professional videographer, Pauline Lancaster, you would probably just be viewing the trees in this video. I hope you enjoy a great mini workout, or at least laugh at me while I do…


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How to Avoid Consuming Extra Oil

Oil is an essential fat that is required for our body and skin; but we need to learn which oil is right for us. There are so many varieties of oil available in the market that we often get confused about which ones are the best to consume from our health perspective.…


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Continue Eating your Favorite Food and yet Maintain a Healthy Weight!

The smell of Pizza makes me hungry!! The sight of spaghetti is so delicious!! The molten Lava Chocolate Cake is mouthwatering!! The aroma of garlic fries is so tempting!!

OH! I am feeling so deprived. Wish I could eat them and yet stay slim and trim! These are…


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These got me...

If you follow me on Twitter you know I share a range of things I don't constantly write about here.

Those 140 characters are an amazing way to stay short, sweet and focused.

I am always looking for ways to challenge myself, test my fearlessness and learn something new about myself and the world I live in, in general.

I don't want to label myself as all things stress free and not practice it more often than not.

I am always looking for fun…


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Contribution of Bananas in our Diet

I love bananas; they are delicious, filling, nutritious, satisfying and versatile. They are so healthy and contain only about 100-110 calories approximately. There are so many…


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Exercise gets the Brain's Juices Flowing

Running out of ideas! Staring at the blank page/document! Don’t know what to write! Feeling tired and exhausted! Feeling irritated and frustrated! The one and only solution to all the above mentioned problems is exercise because…


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So often lately I have been hearing so many women say what they hate about their bodies, or that they are getting discouraged with their weight loss efforts because their bodies aren't doing what THEY want it to do.  In my fitness group, so many of these ladies are getting so discouraged because their weight isn't pouring off them or they aren't getting stick thin.  It really makes me sad!  I am trying to help them focus on getting healthy, not…

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Building Healthy Habits This Summer!

Summer break is almost here, and that means so many kids and teens will lose the structure of daily lessons and physical activity.  Research shows that children gain weight twice as fast in summer compared to the school year. When school ends, they are also at risk of falling behind academically! It’s critical for children to maintain learning and exercise throughout the summer

Building healthy habits now can…


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Workout Wednesday: Restorative Yoga

Workout Wednesday: Restorative Yoga

Well, my mom roped me into Restorative Yoga. She's done it a couple of times and swears that it feels like a deep tissue massage. I was confused by the whole concept. Like, "am I…

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Workout Wednesday: It's Almost Here!

I realize that over the past few months I have blown up your Instagram, Facebook and my blog with running pictures. I think #run, #runner, #running are my most used hashtags. Well friends, the Half is almost here. It's this SATURDAY! I ran my first real run last evening...I'll do a final run…

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Workout Wednesday: Pure Barre Athens

This past weekend, I was given the opportunity to try a Pure Barre class at Pure Barre Athens for free. I am always open to new exercise and fitness programs so I was happy that the opportunity came my way. I'm going to be honest, I consider myself to be in pretty good shape.…


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Workout Wednesday: Yurbuds

Let me start by telling you that I was in no way paid to write this post. This is my opinion and me sharing with you about something I love (was that a good enough disclaimer?). I've tried several different kinds of earbuds when running (I won't name them all here...I'm not here to discourage certain brands) and always had trouble with them staying in my ears. I seriously must have the smallest ear canal in the world. They fall out every five seconds and I'll never forget a long run I went…


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Workout Wednesday: Detox Bath

There are tons of reasons to take a detox bath and I didn't realize the importance of it, until one of my friends told me about them. As a runner, it was something that became very important to my body as I ran farther distances.

To finish reading, visit:…

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Enso Muscle Roller #giveaway

Click here for giveaway:

For the past few weeks, I have been using the Ensō Muscle Roller after my workouts and long runs.

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Pay Yourself to Lose Weight

Original post here

I have finally come to a point in my life where I am sick of how I look and feel.  I know I need to change & get healthy for myself and for my family.  I want be around to see my children…


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Workout Wednesday: Training for a Half

I'm in the midst of training for my next half marathon in April and every time someone sees that I'm out running, I get a lot of questions about training (which I seriously am no expert on). Basically when I started running last summer, with the guidance of a good friend/runner and some articles on Runner's World, I set out to make my own training schedule.

To continue reading, visit:…


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Tuesday Tunes: Songs for Runners

Stop by for some healthy recipes or 10k training!

Today we received this week’s training schedule from our coach. (Day 1, 10k training here.) I was happy to see today as a rest day. So I did just…


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