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Right, listen up mum, there’s some things you and I need to get straight. I know you think I’m being a totally unreasonable individual, a drama queen and bordering on obsessive most of the time, but there’s some stuff I just need to get off my chest.

I am just so pissed…


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Are These Rules Too Strict For Teenagers?

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Minivans & Muffin Tops Show: Things they don’t tell you before you have Kids

What is something you wish they would have told you before you had kids? Post comments Here-…


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Airpocalypse now! - How math’s parity and Paris mayor ruined my 10th wedding anniversary

Airpocalypse now! - How math’s parity and Paris mayor ruined my 10th wedding anniversary…


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Not for little girls - Best places to pee in Paris


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A New "Organic" Style Meal :)

The other day I was having one of those days where you felt stuck in the house, busy with work, homework, being a mom, playing with your toddler, and pretty much going crazy in a 900 square foot apartment! The weather has been cold, the warm, then a blizzard would come and clear out and leave a beautiful muddy…


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On Sale! Adorable Children's Picture Book Available in Hardcover on Amazon

Isabella Babysits Baxter children's picture book in hardcover is on sale on Amazon for $6.95!

It's cute! It's funny! It teaches kids about responsibility! And the illustrations are entertaining!

This book is a great addition for any preschool and…


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My Love/Hate Relationship with Walmart

This post is from the Modern Colors vault, Nov 05, 2012
I used to hate Walmart. Well, it's not that I hated Walmart as a store, I just hated going to Walmart period.  I hated the freaky people, the crowds, the loooooong lines- twenty registers available with only…

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Mom's Celebrate: Winter Break is over!

When I was waiting to pick up my kids from their first day back after winter break I was so happy to see that I was not the only parent who was celebrating.  We were not celebrating picking up the kids, but that fact that we got to drop them off again the next day! Here are five reasons for celebration:

  1. Silence…silence is incredible, a gift, an occasion to celebrate.
  2. Having a Defined Schedule… no more…

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Daddy Will Fix It

I admit it, I’ve gotten lazy. But in the ebb and flow of marital responsibility, my husband and I have subconsciously divided duties. I can fix things– really. I’m actually quite handy. But on a day-to-day basis with two small children, sometimes it’s easier to put chores off on my husband. (You’re welcome, baby).

Oh, the leg broke off of your dollhouse chair? Daddy will fix it. Your super fun toy that makes really loud noises has run out of batteries? Daddy will fix it.



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Cute Baby Videos

I know we all have them!! Let's link up to your fave baby moments on youtube!!!

I'll start, here's my baby boy hungry for his tasty toes,

Hungry Baby Toes

Happy Friday and let's see those video links!!



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10 Facts About Thanksgiving You Should Know

My post from

1. The first official Thanksgiving was in the year 1621.…


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FREE Humorous Women's Fiction! TOTLANDIA, BOOK 1

In this first book of the TOTLANDIA series, the salacious secrets of Desperate Housewives meet the aspirational lifestyles of Sex and the City in San Francisco’s most elite mommies group.

In this sometimes…


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Things we do that drive our men nuts!

During a long, sporadic drive to Jacksonville today, hubby brought up a funny conversation he recently had with one of his gym buddies. To sum up the conversation, both men agreed on one thing: their women shed like sheepdogs. Which led to a couple giggles and this post.

We all do things that drive our men nuts, this list is not meant to offend or categorize any woman, I am just hoping as you read this that you have a few…


Added by STEPHANIE WHITEWentworth on October 13, 2014 at 1:57pm — No Comments

On A Lighter Note

I want to start off by saying I absolutely love my husband to death! I do not know how I would get through these struggles without him by my side at all times. There is definitely some truth behind woman being able to do things better than a man, and a man doing things better than a woman.

I am all about my husband offering a helping hand at any time with the kids, and I am always quick to ask him for help as well. So maybe it is just the OCD in me, or the control freak that lives… Continue

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10 Weirdest Things I Have Said to my Kids

We all know after having kids we will quote our parents. We know there might be weird conversations we have with our kids. Sometimes you find yourself saying things you never imagined you would say. I love talking to my kids, we have some interesting conversations. Sometimes though they say things that leave me saying, what. My oldest son is notorious for asking the weirdest questions. They say odd things, ask off the wall questions, and I love it. Having a weird conversation with my kids…


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Power of the Pen!

Some people would say that the cost of silence is free. Those people are not mothers. There is always a cost. Like when your toddler is having a full on tantrum during the 2nd hour of a 14 hour trip so you give him the remaining ½ of a chocolate bar knowing full well that it will leave the worst mess on him, the car seat, the car, etc. but your sanity and that of your husbands is well worth the mess.  Or maybe you plopped junior in front of the TV…


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10 Tips for New Moms

1)  I don't care if you've got 4 weeks left or you're 3 days late, if you're feeling "funky" and obsessing over whether or not this is IT, just go to the freaking doctor!  Take my advice and don't wait until you're putting every ounce of effort into standing up without doubling over before heading over there. 

You just might find yourself stuck in rush hour traffic wondering why the hell, when the doctor asked you if you'd be interested in some Lamaze classes, you…


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SAHM Pin of the Week: [Pic Series] Mom Text Fails-Hilarious

Hilarious Mom Text Fails

The SAHM pin of the week, this week, is a few images/screenshots of text messages gone wrong by moms, better known as mom text fails.

I was surfing the web one day and came across these mom text fails, and thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.

Just thought I’d share…over the next few weeks.


There are that…


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Oops...did I Create that?

I knew I was the one who created this when...but first lets back track.

By the time my daughter was born she already had a drawer full of at least a months worth of socks. That also went for pj's, t-shirts and outfits just to name a few things . As most parents do we started to prepare early and stock up on certain things you can't ever have enough of, especially when it comes to little ones.

As time went on when ever I would go to a store and they had socks I…


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