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My Top 5 Really?! Moments

I am borrowing this concept froman SNL skit called Really!?! With Seth and Amy but I’m sure even if you don’t take the time to watch the clip you’ll pick up on what I’m doing quite quickly. Usually I tend to be pretty easy going, after all with four kids 8 and under I can’t take time to stress about the little things. I mean after all…did I ever really tell Cowboy C not to…


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Ladies of London-Watch it Now!

Meet the Ladies of London

Just like my reading choices I like to keep my TV viewing pretty light hearted. For the most part I stay away from gritty dramas and cop shows. My only exceptions to that rule are House (I can’t lie, I cried when it was over) and The Cowboy and my new…


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Don't Eat the Mudpies

As I answered some reader questions for Friday’s post I was reminded of an incident that occurred about four years ago. While I strongly believe that exposure to dirt and germs ends up making healthier kids, there can be too much of a good thing…At the time this was a horrible experience but, since we all know it…


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Mrs Misfit tries to have Sex in Winter



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House Cleaning and Mary Poppins

Around the Prairie Homestead keeping things clean can be a bit of a struggle! More often than not as I get done cleaning one area of the house and move on to another the Cowkids and Cowbaby are right behind me making it messy again. Most of the time I just let it go, and stick with the philosophy that…


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Going Yell Free, Prairie Wife

A little over a month ago one of our contributors TallGirlJ wrote a wonderfully inspiring post about going “yell free.” I had originally planned on writing the post myself, but felt that having my readers learn from the friend that…


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Red Faced Mama.

Read it here:

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work I Go: Tips for Getting To Work On Time

I'm abysmal at getting ready on time.  Not least because the idea of preparing in advance - of using the very little time that is mine to do more jobs to prepare for my responsibilities - grates and rubs salt all at the same time.  So here's some top tips I've learned to live by...

1) Get a job which starts late.  Or has flexi time.  At least then you can use your morning at a dignified pace.  Or if it isn't dignified at least you have time to recover before you have to pretend you're…


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Things they don't tell you about being thin

1 - Being thin IS essential.  If you are overweight you cannot be truly happy.  Single digit sized clothes unlock the door to happiness because the laundry is easier to keep up with. 

2 - Being thin is also good because you then take up less space.  If we all lost weight we wouldn't need to worry about over-population any more.

3 - Being thin means people like you more because they don't feel like they're always in your shadow.

4 - Thin people are…


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I'm a teacher so it's my summer hols - and instead of going away like other good folks, I'm spending my six weeks at my laptop.

I'm writing the sequel to my debut novel, Broken Dreams and Bottom Lines' which is out now on…


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The Perfection Curve

Have you ever noticed, the more perfect you try to be, the further away achievement actually seems?  

I have always tried to be a perfect mum; I have always failed.  The more I aimed for nutritious dinners, neatly matched outfits, well-attended clubs and intelligent bedtime reading, the more tired I became and therefore the more grumpy.

I've never seemingly been able to tick off the full matrix at any one time.  In my boxes, like a big Twister mat, I had:

Ambitious and…


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Funny But True... An Embarrassing Bathroom Tale

I am going to start off by saying this posting may be a little gross to some of you BUT I need to tell it... consider this your warning.

A little while ago I was out shopping with my 5-year-old daughter. As with most shopping trips, I had to go to the bathroom. I dragged…


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What They DON'T Tell You About Giving Birth

When deciding to embark on the rocky road of parenthood, every man, woman and his dog will tell you that life really will never be the same again.


What they are less apt to tell you is that neither will your vagina.


In fact, I’d go so far as to say that whilst ‘life as I knew it’ continues in a not-so-dissimilar fashion to its pre-Edgar state (I still eat, sleep, read, watch films and engage in casual xenophobia) my fuzz box has changed beyond all…


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Women Today...

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The Man & the Little Bird That Could...

Originally posted on The Hodge Podge Diaries 04/22/13

As today is Earth Day, I thought it rather appropriate to share the following story...



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S#*t our kid is whining about...

Being a parent is a tough job. Kids – especially young ones are unpredictable. One minute they’re smiling, the next they’re …


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Nursery nightmare

I think we all imagine this lovely pretty nursery when we are getting it all ready for the arrival of baby..but in all honesty (unless your supermum) once they start growing up its just a constant that your not goin to win!

If your like me you cant resist more baby clothes, especially if there a bargain or free from family members, so the washing machine is always whirring away and the drawers are bulging. I spend hours folding and arranging Rio's clothes into size…


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More in 2013

Several days ago I spoke with friends Sharon and Jen about resolutions, making changes and the idea of choosing one word as a framework for our goals and aspirations for the coming year.

There were many words that came to mind; peace, thoughtful, happy, strength, commitment. These are potent and valid, but somehow didn’t…


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Christmas Eve is like a mixed tape in our family.

Candlelight flickered and cast a warm glow inside the old log house. Dinner was long finished and the remnants tucked away for another day. The children were scrubbed clean, cozy in their pyjamas and eagerly awaiting the arrival of St. Nick. A candle burnt too low, stuttered and went out. “Maman, you have to find another candle.” The mother, prepared for this eventuality, placed a fresh candle to join the flickering lights of the others on the Christmas tree.

A pine tree. With…


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S#*t our kid says...

Kids are funny.  They never say what you expect them to.  Sometimes it’s heart warming, other times you wonder what devil spawn has overtaken your sweet baby, but most of the time, the things that come out of their little mouths are just priceless.  Now we know we aren’t the only ones who think that our kid is possibly…


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