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FREE eBook through Saturday ~ 5 Secrets to an Effective Toddler Bedtime Routine

I’m excited to announce that I have recently published my first eBook, 5 Secrets to an Effective Toddler Bedtime…


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My son shouted, “I want popcorn!” I quickly responded, “Please go back into the other room and come back in here and ask me the correct way. Try again.” He obliged and returned stating, “May I have some popcorn please?” I always have to stay on him, but dog gone it, he is going to get…


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Homemade Baby Formula! My Site is up and Going Strong!

Click Here

My Homemade Baby Formula Blog is full of all options for making a homemade baby formula for infants to any age! Goats Milk, Soy, Rice, Breast Milk Formula, etc! I have it all along with my…


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A New "Organic" Style Meal :)

The other day I was having one of those days where you felt stuck in the house, busy with work, homework, being a mom, playing with your toddler, and pretty much going crazy in a 900 square foot apartment! The weather has been cold, the warm, then a blizzard would come and clear out and leave a beautiful muddy…


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World According to BabyFab!

Happy Monday FABulites! Hope everyone enjoyed a fabtabulous weekend! This weekend for me was spent completely different form the hustle and bustle of last weekend. This weekend I just wanted to take some time out and reflect on the adventures of BabyFab, and so I did just that! …

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Nature vs. Nurture - Raising a Child Who is Like Me

Gabrielle. She causes me to sigh (a lot). She is sweet, funny, smart, cuddly, and precocious.

Toddler finger-painting  

 On the other hand, she is sassy, jealous, introverted, sensitive, and a perfectionist. These are the traits that pain me. I know life is going to be tough for her. She speaks her mind with complete honesty, but she is so sensitive that she isn't emotionally tough enough to deal with the…


Added by Nicole McDermott on February 27, 2015 at 3:41pm — No Comments

Did I Even Sleep Last Night??

Did I even sleep last night?


That’s what was running through my head as I removed myself from underneath my 2 year old (almost 3) Grandson Brayden. He personally called me last night to ask if he could come over and spend the night with me. How could I say no? It’s not very often you get a call from a almost 3 year old, let alone hearing them articulate a sentence asking that…


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My three-year old has been asking a lot about gender lately. She wants to know the sex of every person we pass in the store and all of her relatives. She was very quick to catch on to the easy ones; her brother is a boy, her dad is a boy, her mom is a girl etc. We all carry the stereotype associated with each gender. But the more she asked questions, the more inquisitive she became, the more I’ve had to think harder about my answers.

“Is that a boy?” She asked about a woman with short…


Added by Chelsey Tobiason on January 15, 2015 at 11:13pm — No Comments

How to effectively deal with a tantrum

We've all been there, so don't worry if your child is not always an angel. Tantrums are real and happen to the nicest of children. A tantrum is defined as "an outburst or display of excited anger," and you must admit that we adults sometimes find ourselves having tantrums of our own. Children, especially…


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Cooking with Kids during the Holidays

Holiday season is here! With most of us expecting lot of friends and family at once, it is obvious we are going to get busy, especially in the kitchen. If you have kids you know they will be craving your attention. What better time to get them involved in the kitchen as well. Make them your little chef and get them excited about working on something very important with mommy and daddy.

Here are some recipes that you can make with your children in the kitchen. When they work with you,…


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The Night I Cried Too

What started off as one of the most sleepless nights I've ever had turned out to be the most precious mother-daughter moment I could have ever imagined...

I have been working with Gianna on giving up her pacifier. She has been a rock star during the day; she quit cold turkey and doesn't…


Added by Denise LaRosa on December 1, 2014 at 3:30pm — No Comments

Top 5 rhymes for infants and toddlers

Check out these really fun and soothing rhymes for infants and toddlers. Sing along with them and …


Added by Vaishali Sudan Sharma on November 30, 2014 at 1:04pm — No Comments

October Parenting Tip: Pre Promises

This month’s parenting…


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#DIY felt storyboards

i waddled (39 weeks pregnant) into hobby lobby today with a mission! a new project on my mind! since the very beginning of my days of trying to entertain a child, i have been disappointed in the toy selections at stores. they are either way too expensive for the amount of use my child would get out of them with her tiny attention span or they are based around characters of a show neither of us have…

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Some things in Hindsight aren't so Cute

Let me begin by expressing that I do respect the idea, the emotion and the right to engage in the following act, but that as a very private person and as a mom it is not one that I see necessary or that I would myself do.

Sharing pictures of my child or my children sitting in the potty.…


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Mini Boden Sample Outfits

Untitled design1 Mini Boden Sample Outfits



2 Mini Boden Sample Outfits



We love some Mini Boden and the fall collection will make your little ones look cozy, yet cute. Check out our sample outfits above and go to for styles…


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5 Tips For Traveling With an Active Toddler

New parents, here’s a little secret: Traveling with a baby is much easier than traveling with a toddler.

Your infant will likely feed and sleep through plane rides, dinners out, museum visits and walking tours. And they are happy pretty much anywhere as long as they’re with you.

Toddlers, on the other hand, are energetic, curious and easily frustrated. They nap less, get very cranky when tired and have a limited attention span.

However, just because you have a toddler…


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My First World Problems


She was our waitress, the kindest waitress you will ever meet.

She interacted with my little guy for a while and then turned to me "My son is eight. . .He is still living in the Philipines with my parents."

I realized in that moment the utter triviality of my "First World Problems."

We spoke more and I soon found she is hoping to be able to send…


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Reader Q & A with Dr. Psych Mom: I Want to Stage My Own Kidnapping

Reader Overwhelmed from Anytown writes:

I'm a mommy of two little girls 3yrs old and 18 months, and I'm struggling with how to say this without sounding like an awful mom. I love them, but I question if its unconditional. When I was pregnant with my first, a friend and I chatted. She vented and said her son is 6 and she only started loving him unconditionally right before he turned 5. He was difficult on every level, according to her. Those words always…


Added by Dr. Samantha Rodman on July 24, 2014 at 7:00am — No Comments

7 Simple Chores for Toddlers

Housework can be a daunting task for a family, whether you are a stay at home mom, or a duel income household, or a busy single parent, household chores always seem to sneak up an take over at the most inopportune moments.  However, in my discussions with other parents I have found that very few parents require their children to do household chores! Research by Sandra Hofferth, found that children between six and twelve years of age spend an average of just under three…


Added by Pamela Lapham on July 2, 2014 at 1:53am — No Comments

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