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Potty Training Secrets: Learn Why I Am Hesitant to Switch My Toddler to Big Kid Underwear Until My Child Has Fewer Accidents

Many parents often times pressure their children to start potty training their child before they are fully ready.  Potty training before your child is ready can cause unnecessary stress for both you and your toddler.  With all three of my kids, I waited until they were ready to potty train before I even attempted it.  A…


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I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

The scratching. The itching. The poking. Sometimes even the prodding. It’s restrictive. It’s constrictive. It gets stuck. It doesn’t stay put. It’s too big. Gasp…it’s too small.

Everyone has that thing…the clothing or footwear thing that drives you nuts.

In no particular order; because I don’t want to play favourites:

  1. Jeans that feel like they’re embedding themselves just below your navel. I swear they fit this morning. This invariably happens when you’re…

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When New Underwear & Starbucks are the Highlight of Your Day!

I'm no stranger to taking care of two or three kids at a time. In fact I've been doing it for almost three years. When I was running a home day care it was easy once all the kids got our day's routine down. But its entirely different with your own children. Other people's kids listen and act better than your own much of the time, but when you throw a colicky newborn and a rambunctious toddler in with errands to run, it spells disaster.…

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Crunchy Minefields

The indoor fur-baby has an addiction.  Seemingly harmless, but still annoying.  And The Man enables him with his own bad habit.

When The Man comes in for the night, he has dinner then heads to his computer where it becomes mandatory to shed his steel-toed work boots and the socks that have served as sweat rags for over fifteen hours that day.  As any good wife would do, I leave them there until he gathers them from…


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Mr. Forget His Balls If They Weren't Attached


I'm sure you've all heard me repeatedly grunt about the fact that my son would forget his balls if they weren't already attached to his little body.  Well, the same could be said for my absentminded husband as well.  The man could seriously be reminded every other second to do something and STILL neglect to do it.  Bless his out-to-lunch heart, the dude damn near…


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Mother of the Year? Fail

I did poor Puddin' Pop such a disservice yesterday. I haven't even come clean to her yet. I'm coming clean here and will let her find out when she's old enough to read.

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