12/12/12 – Still Daring to BLOG #TheBlogDare

Double Blog Dare me! – For December 12th

What I Want New Mothers To Know

I’m not even a new mother yet! I’m not quite sure how I could answer this one.

I guess I could say that I want new mothers to know that there is no possible way you can know everything. Research, read, ask questions, but know that when you have that baby in your arms and it grows you could easily get to a situation that was never covered in the books. Or the books just don’t have the right solution for you and your family situation.

Plans and goals are always great to have, but a change can make your goals and plans work against you instead of for you. While goals are worth fighting for the more important they are TO YOU, and plans are really just suggestions.

Even if your friend with the 4 kids KNOWS everything, she might not know everything that works for you and yours. Which is another important point. You come across A LOT of opinion on the RIGHT way to raise a baby. There are most often no right answers that fit for every single person in every single situation. Fads come and go, products are pushed, and new things are learned everyday.

The best example is “Breast is Best”. Ideally, you betcha! In reality, maybe not so much. You have to do what you have to do for you and baby, but know that if you are having trouble doing what you think is best there are always ideas and support out there. No need to give up per say, but don’t feel guilty if you have to change things up.

Check out my blog for more of my daring blogging! All December long :) (Comment if you are daring too!)

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