As a busy mom of 2 small kids, I know it is hard to find quiet time with the Lord. In fact, some days it is hard to even get a shower. I love those days where I can wake before the children and read some verses and spend some time in prayer. It really helps me regroup as a mom and as a follower of Christ. However, sitting down and opening a book or a bible isn’t easy for me. Here are 5 must haves for a busy mom. These resources have really helped me stay focused on God and continue on my spiritual journey.

1. YouVersion Bible App Not only is this my bible but I use this App for everything, even church sermon notes.  If you click on “plans” you can scroll all the various reading plans. Select one you like and go for it. Some are more time-consuming than others. I enjoy the daily devotions. I usually have time in the morning for my prayer journal and reading a daily devotion from myYouVersion plan. Total time 5- 10 minutes.  When, I am done with that plan, I search for the next. They are constantly updating and adding more. I love this App!

2. Focus on The Family App This is another favorite. While I am getting ready in the morning,  I search the various broadcasts and listen to the  expert speakers discuss topics on marriage, child raising, and being a better disciple of Christ.  Sometimes, it might take me a week to get through a 30 minute broadcast but I love the spiritual advice and tips. Women are great at multitasking so why not listen to a broadcast while applying mascara!

3. Home Life Magazine I recently became a subscriber to this Christian magazine and I love it. Some months it has daily bible verses, recipes, things to do with your children and other articles that improve, nurture and help you grow.  Again, it might take a me a month to sit down and read the entire magazine but when I do, I am constantly bookmarking all the great resources inside. Another must have!

4. Find a local christian radio station.  I love listening to our local christian station while I am running errands or driving to preschool. JoyFM is always playing in “Mom’s”car. It is a great time to listen to worship music and stay connected. In fact, I can tell when my husband last drove my car. My station has been changed.

5. Family Organizer. This organizer is in the mail! I can’t wait to review it.  In one place, I will have my calendar, schedule, grocery list, meal planner, prayers and praises, bible verses and to-do list. I can’t wait to use my Christian Family Organizer.

The key to growing spiritually at this time in our lives, is to find what works for you and to make the best of it. I know, one day when the kids are older, I will have more time to have “Quiet Time” with God, but right now, these resources help me stay connected to God while doing what I was called to do, be a mom!

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Comment by Dr. Taffy W. Wagner on January 15, 2013 at 10:38pm

It is about the quality time we spend with GOD not the quantity. I love listening to Praise and Worship music while I am driving. I agree you have to do what works for you.

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