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A new hair color is... well, nothing new for me. I have been bleaching my hair, highlighting my hair - trying a shade of red and even black for far too long. Though, the black hair color was a complete accident. So glad my fiance {now husband} took it well.

In high school, I began bleaching my then dark blonde hair. Since that moment I have lost touch with my actual hair color. Sure, the roots would begin to grow and I would examine them. Are they still dark blonde? Does that look more like brown? Wait, is that a gray hair?

The time, maintenance and money involved in this journey is a little more than I can slip into my schedule. So for the past year I have been trying to darken my hair just enough to match the roots. Each and every time, it has completely washed out.

I wasn't being bold or honest enough actually. Only opting for the dark blonde shades. When Family Dollar contacted me about trying and reviewing their new beauty aisle, I decided it was time to just go for it!

Before we entered the store, I explained to the kids that mommy was going to make her hair much darker. I told them that we needed to go in and find a brunette shade and just buy it.

Savannah and I examined the various choices of darker shades.  Joey was amazed by the rows and rows of deodorant.  I tried to slip away and browse the make up section a bit more. I tried to sway her (and myself) with things like "maybe I should just get some lip gloss".

After what seemed hours, she helped me decide on a color.

We brought it home. I spent a few days just staring at the boxes.

I posted about it on Facebook - needing the advice of gal pals.

With a resounding "go for it" - okay, just several "likes" - I decided to just get it over with.

It was a good product, a good brand of hair color.

Why was I nervous? If it was just too dark, well then it would just have to be too dark.

So, from bleached blonde...

 to a more natural color (for me).

Aside from the hair color, I was impressed with the different shampoos, conditioners, lotions and cosmetics that Family Dollar now carries!  I will have to drop in there more often for these types of items.  As I said before, Joey was impressed with the deodorant.

We also browsed their home decor and the special decorative items that they had on display.  The selection was trendy and not what I had expected!  I will need to go back and browse more as I continue to repaint and redecorate the house.  



I was provided with a Family Dollar gift card for the purposes of this post. 

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Comment by Kelly on October 18, 2012 at 6:28pm

Oh I love it! Your hair looks great!!

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