When I was younger I didn’t think about my ancestors or search for my family roots.
In the time that I was growing up, former Yugoslavia did not have any immigration or people that looked different. We all looked similar (mostly Dinaric race – think Nikola Tesla) and I wonder if that was the reason why people were not interested in their roots, at least not to my knowledge.
I knew my dad was an orphan from Second World War, but has records of his parents. My mom comes from a little village in central Serbia, from the peasant parents. That is as far as knew, and I believe as far as my parents know about their own roots.
When I arrived in Canada for the first time I discovered how many people are into their ancestors, searching and even travelling very far to find out about their roots.
And that is simply wonderful ! I wonder if Canada and the United States’ mixed population and different races is what caused ancestry.com to be so big today. What is that need in people to find out where they come from and go back sometimes more than half century in their search?
I still don’t dig too deep and did not even try to go further back than my grandparents.

Having said that, I am definitely into my immediate family. I care that my children know who my parents are and where they come from. I find it very contradicting that here, on this continent, often people go far away in search for long lost ancestors and more often than that, people do not see their direct descendants. That makes me sad. A wonderful quote comes to mind :
“One day you will be a memory for some people.
Do your best to be a good one”

The reason I started creating artistic family trees is so you can show your immediate family how much you love them, appreciate them and how important they are in your life.
Care for your ancestors, that is beautiful, but care even more for your descendants, that is natural ! my own quote :)

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