What did you do yesterday that was creative?

Having trouble thinking of something?

In her book, InGenius: a Crash Course on Creativity Tina Seelig , executive director of Stanford University’s Technology Ventures Program, explore the creative energy inside of us all.

The introduction of this book closes by mentioning that every word, every object, every idea, and every moment provides an opportunity for creativity. 

So everything you did yesterday presented an opportunity for creativity!


So let's think ....

Instead of "What did I do yesterday?" we can ask "What opportunities for creativity were present yesterday?"

What opportunities for creativity do you have today?

What opportunities for creativity do you have right now?

Did you know Crash Course on Creativity has its own facebook account?

The Crash Course on Creativity is over for now, but there are lots of great resources available on that page!

You can even look inside the book, Ingenius, on the HarperCollins website!

Here is a prezi Tina Seelig used to go along with a talk in Europe in 2012: http://prezi.com/cqehl-2-7_rv/ingenius-talk/

When I look through this prezi without knowing the speech to accompany it, I find myself treating it much like a wordless picture book where I can use my background knowledge and context to create my own meaning ...

I guess that is an opportunity for creativity ....


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