Being Average is Easy it Takes Effort to be Awesome!!

This title probably makes me sound like a pompous ass but if you really think about it it’s an unadulterated TRUTH!  I have been average and awesome so I speak from experience and being awesome is exhausting! I have so much more free time when I am average.  I actually think that awesome folks need periods of being average in order to maintain their awesomeness.  No one can be awesome 24/7!!!  NO ONE!!!.   If you show me someone who is I will show you a figment of your imagination.

Being awesome is hard work, I mean seriously.  Being awesome is a choice, so is being average and believe me I know how difficult it is to choose between the two!  To be honest before I started this blog I had become comfortable with being average, complacent.  After being average for an extended amount of time it is hard to refocus and put in the effort to awaken your dormant awesomeness, but it can be done.

The main thing is to increase your amount of awesome and decrease your average phases.  They should become less frequent and less lengthy, but please take time to rejuvenate with some well-appointed average allowances.  Plan your average moments (moments not months) when its necessary, acceptable and even beneficial, such as right after a huge display of awesomeness.

You just ran a marathon? 

Take some time off and be average with a few days of light cardio.

Just wrote a bestseller? 

Daydream for a few days and give your imagination a moment to revitalize.

Just won the kick ass mom award for cleaning your ENTIRE house, helping the kid(s) with their extremely tedious and difficult science project, baked cookies, and then shared YOUR said cookies *ahem* with the hubby??? 

Take a night off (or two) and veg in front of the t.v. (SCANDAL anyone?) you deserve it!!

You see how that works??  Awesome, awesome AWESOME, average and back to awesome!

Most people (well maybe not most) try to be awesome all of the time then burn out and sink into a pit of averagedom (YES averagedom -.-) don’t let that be you.

I love being awesome its, well…awesome but some days average is all I got!!

For all you “all the time” average folks out there..step your game up and activate your awesome!!!

activate the AWESOME!

Awesome Dance

What say you??


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