Blog Dare: The Look on Their Faces Made It All Worth It...

Going along with the Santa theme, my husband and I try to have fun giving the kids their presents from Santa.  

One year, we bought a bike ride for the car.  It was a Santa present to the entire family.  But neither my dear husband or I wanted to put the present under the tree.  For one thing, it wouldn't fit.  For another, well, sometimes the fun is in the journey.

In that mood, we got a HUGE roll of ribbon and, starting in the living room, wound the ribbon around the room, into the dining room, the kitchen, downstairs into the den, back upstairs into the kitchen, and then through the stairs themselves into the garage.  From there, the ribbon wound around the pipes and whatnot in the garage until it FINALLY ended up going through a car window and attaching to the wrapped present in the back of the Scion.

While it took a lot of time and energy to set this up, it was well worth the looks of excitement and happiness on their faces.

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Comment by Julie Willis on December 10, 2012 at 8:02am

That was very creative of you!  Love it.

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