Blogging while Busy, this is Bullshhhh….

This is BS!!!  Why didn't someone tell me that doing something for me would take so much time and, and, EFFORT!!!!  I'm tired!!!  I love blogging, but after babies, butts, baths, bottles, head combing, husband, dishes  AND the MALL (I hate the freaking mall) I have to come home sit down and produce intelligent material??!!  Really? REALLYYY??!!!!  Why isn't this easy??!! *sigh*
I started this blog all starry-eyed like it was gonna be easy peasy.  I was just gonna write a little bit, post a little bit and everyone would come running, begging me for more!!!  *slaps knee*  Boy was I an idiot!!!!

This has become a labor of love.

Juggling various social media outlets, blogging networks and emails has become downright funny because of how miserably I am failing at it but I LOVE IT!!!  This is really cool which is why I am up here in my office (in the attic, how Edgar Allen Poe-ish) typing out randomness after a day of non-stop movement.  Here with my trusty glass of wine.  *pours 3rd, ummm SECOND glass*

I don't think I just type, and with many errors (thank the gods and goddesses for spell check) .  If I over think it I am done, so I just go with whatever moves me at the moment and hope that it's not shit.

This is still bullshit though.

I see why they say the successful don't sleep.  Who the hell has time for something so pedestrian as sleep??!!!  That was sarcasm by the way, I love sleep almost as much as my first-born child, I mean it's reallly close!!!

So to all my fellow newbie bloggers and/or wannabes this is NOT for the faint of heart!

If you actually want your blog to be successful and reach a decent number of people and have your voice heard you are going to have to work at it,
a lot,
post often,
when you don't feel like it,
when you don't want to be social,
when you don't want to respond to a comment,
when you don't want to look at someone else blog
when the only type of hopping you want to do is into a bed *damn you blog hops*

You have to!!

Which is why I'm here!!!

What say you???

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