It's monday and it's time for Clean Up Monday in our house.  Today is actually an easy one for me since we were away for the weekend.  The girls didn't have all that much time to turn the house up side down and inside out.  The one thing that I did come back with is a suitcase to empty and a whole lot of laundry to do.  It's amazing how much laundry a family of four can produce over the span of 72 hours.

My first task was to empty the suitcase.  While we are away I usually bring along a large garbage bag to put soiled laundry in this way I only have to dump those clothes in the laundry basket and I've usually got half of my suitcase emptied.  Secondly, I put away toiletteries.  I have a bag that is always ready with supplies so that we can leave on short notice without me having to run around looking for toiletteries, but I usually add things to the bag when the trip is planned.  These things include toothbrushes, the kids' toothpaste, a hairbrush, my contact lenses, etc.  You get the idea!  We usually bring our own pillows for comfort and those were easy to put away.  I also make an effort to put away the unsoiled laundry immediately or use it to wear the next day.

I know many people who do not take care of emptying out their suitcases right away when they come back from a trip.  I understand this and I am always very tempted to do the same.  After a trip I am always very tired and prefer to rest than take care of house work.  The problem is that if I don't take care of it right away, it can stay there for a few days and even a few weeks (yikes!).  I know my husband isn't going to do it...  And the kids are still too little.  Besides, I'd rather take care of it for them and spoil them for now.  When they get older, I can teach them to be neat and organized.

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