We've received or rather taken notice of our first less than thrilled responses to our adoption. A sarcastic remark by an African American teenager and whispered gossip, with an occasional glance, between two
middle aged white women. I am angered but mostly disappointed. The Irish
temper in me wanted to make a scene and punch their lights out, but the
calming disposition of Christ entered in and soothed my nerves. It
doesn't matter that the teenager was black or that the women were white,
it's noted to show that anyone, anywhere at anytime may feel that their
opinion matters enough to impose distaste of one's choices. The world
will tell you one thing and the Lord will show you another; there is
only one voice to follow.

There is a small town in South Africa called Orania, where only whites, the minority, are invited and permitted to live. As my family lives in harmony half way around
the world, with our apparent exterior differences, it's hard to
visualize a place where what you look like openly determines your
acceptance. Does the same determination to preserve cultural division
exist in our town, yet not as openly? Do we feel the same as the
residents of Orania but are too PC to express it? I hope not and I know
that we as a family do not share their views, however I can't help but
wonder if the minds of those around us were audible, would we like what
we'd hear and more importantly would we like what we're saying?

We know that we look different than most families, it's not a secret. We embrace our differences, our similarities and most importantly each
other entirely. The way that we look does not determine the depth of our
love for one another. We are a family whether society likes it or not.
For anyone out there that has a problem with our life, I challenge you
to get to know us individually and together. I confront you to say
what's on your mind so that we can prove you wrong.



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Comment by Catherine on August 27, 2010 at 11:14pm
Just read your blog. We have an adopted son from Ethiopia. I've run across the occasional stare and stupid questions, but haven't had a direct, negative encounter with anyone. It's tough when other people just see the black and white and all I can see is my son. Thanks for sharing your feelings about this.

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