Do you have a picky eater in the house?



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Now on to this week’s topic!

How do you handle picky eaters?

Here is what Mom Connection shared:

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Welcome! I’m Julie over at Naptime Review. I am a mom of two wild, crazy and beautiful girls. My oldest just turned 4 and my baby is 17 months old. This is how I handle picky eaters:

I think this issue is important and can form and shape how children view food. In fact, I try to be very conscious of the words, I choose when discussing eating in our house.  I don’t want to form any unhealthy relationships with food. I want my children to try new things and to learn how to eat a balanced meal.  I believe in having kids try new food but not forcing them to eat new foods. I also always put a vegetable on their plate even though it rarely gets eaten.  We make our plates colorful! In fact, there are many resources out there encouraging children to eat through the rainbow.  Click here to learn more!

I also try to involve Averie into the meal planning and cooking process when feasible. I was so excited that she would enjoy the zucchini muffins we made together but she took one bite and said, “Yuck!” Oh well at least she tried it.

We enjoy kid friendly foods that can be eaten with our fingers.  Sometimes, I cut sandwiches in fun shapes with cookie cutters! I try to make meal time fun and creative! Click here to check out a great blog, with lots of kid friendly recipes and suggestions!

I also try to keep in perspective that adult serving sizes and kids are WAY different. A nutritionist once told me, “Kids eat a TBSP per age.” For example, a serving of fruit for Averie is 4 TBSP since she is 4 years old.  I try to keep that in mind when fixing their plates.

Bottom lines though, pick your battles on what you really think they need to eat. It is not worth fighting over a meal, making empty threats, and forming unhealthy relationships with food. Children will eat when they are hungry. You just need to make sure when they are hungry they have healthy choices and options.

Want more advice and tips? Stop by this week's Mom Connection and see what the other moms shared. Also, feel free to share your tips and advice! Love to hear from you!

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Comment by Alethea Etinoff on January 29, 2013 at 8:23pm
I gave up the ghost a long time ago over food battles when my 18 year old was 5. Her diet depended on her friend of the day. I totally agree. Fighting over food isn't worth the hassle. They will all eat when they are hungry.


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