Do you invite solicitors into your home, I did!

Most everyone hates door to door solicitors but I generally feel bad for them, so I always open the door for them.  In the past, our dog would go so crazy barking and jumping on the glass, I was always fearful he was going to bite the solicitor.  I think they feared for their lives too because once they heard him they would usually scurry away.  But now that Bailey is no longer with us, things are different. 

Last night someone did a cute rhythmic knock on the door at 6:00 p.m. and I assumed it was my Dad, so I opened the door.  Guess what, it wasn’t my Dad but a guy from AT&T.  He showed me his badge and started asking me about bundling all my services.  To be honest I have been considering bundling but last time I made a change to the Dish system, Lou had a spaz attack, so I have been avoiding the whole thing even though I know it would save us money. 

Either way, I started chatting it up with this guy and finally invited him in to sit next to my computer ( my office) so we could run a speed test on our internet.  Tabitha offered him water, which he gladly accepted and Tiara tried to greet him with only a shirt and diaper on but Tabitha stopped her in the hallway.  She eventually came out and practically gave him a hug and one of her poses.  She is the biggest flirt in the family.

tiffani goff at home

After he sat down at the computer, Lou walked in from the other room and saw him.  OHHHH, I knew he would be pissed but as you know, I do what I want.  My poor hubby.  This sweet guy was busting his butt walking door to door trying to make a living, the least I could do was listen.  He  seemed really nice and didn’t give off any weird vibes, plus with the whole family was home, so I figured we were safe.  He wasn’t very big, if Tiara sat on him, she might be able to crush him, so I knew I could take him down if I needed to.  Ha, Ha…..

I think once he came into our home, he is the one who got scared.  I hadn’t cleaned up the dinner table yet and there was food all over the ground.  Plus once Tiara got dressed, she came in and plopped down on my lap while he was talking.  She then fell to the floor and tried to start kicking me.  I just moved her feet and kept talking as his eyes grew larger and larger.  He was trying to ignore her but that was impossible.  He stopped talking mid stream and just stared at me with his mouth hanging open.  “Don’t worry, keep talking, I am listening.” 

He then tried to pull Lou into the conversation from the other room.  I warned him not to try and sell to Lou, but he didn’t listen.  Lou came over in his tank top and put his arms on his waist in an alpha pose and glared the poor guy down and answered his questions with one word responses or a head nod.  I finally realized the situation had gotten out of control and I needed to wrap up my little tea party, before Tiara hurt the guy for taking up too much of my attention.  There was also the real possibility that Lou was going to be so mad at me, he wouldn’t speak to me the rest of the night, so I took the solicitor’s number and promised to call him directly if I decided to bundle my services.

Once he left, I walked into the family room and was instantly berated by Lou.

Lou:  “What the heck were you thinking letting that total stranger into our house?  You even invited him to sit down.  Have you gone insane.  I can’t trust you without Bailey around.”

Trinity:  “OMG Mom, you didn’t know that guy?  He was a stranger?  I thought you knew him from before.”

Clearly more evidence that the whole stranger danger concept was never drilled into my brain enough and I am a horrible role model.

Me:  “Well, I could tell he was fine, plus everyone was home and I could have taken the guy down myself.”

Trinity:  “Did you sign up, because I really want the wireless receiver so I can bring the TV in my room.”

Clearly Trinity wasn’t worried about our safety either, only the ability to move the TV around our house and increase our internet speed. 

Funny enough, I had no idea Tabitha was taking pictures, but it worked out perfectly because now I can show you the whole thing.

I apologized to everyone especially Lou.  He then claimed ” I wouldn’t be mad any more if you gave me tickles.”  He is so easy, thank goodness, I count on that quality a lot.

This morning Trinity woke up and the first words out of her mouth were  “Did you call the At&T guy yet?  I really want the wireless receiver.”

Have a great Wednesday!

xoxo tiffani

tiffani goff at home

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