Recently I've had two big events to document that weren't my every day life- hooray!- and I wanted to share how I did it.
First up, Chris' birthday trip to New Orleans. The first thing I did was write a blog post. This way I got my memories down immediately and edited pics, etc. This works better for me than just having a ton of pics and later not remembering the details. 
Next, I put this trip in my Fall Minibook. This counts as a mini trip for us, one weekend, not too many details to write about (food, drink, rest about sums it up!) so a couple of pages in the mini works well. If this were a mega trip I'd either do a few big layouts or give the trip its own album entirely. 
I mostly used Instagram for my picture taking so I  thought I'd try out Postal Pix 2x2 prints. They come in a grid like this.

 I think with the right pictures this would be cool on its own! I also ordered some regular 3x3 and 4x4 prints from both Postal Pix and Persnickety.

I glued pics on the front and back of the Hambly transparency and then made a little page with a pic of Bourbon street and a mini title.

 Then for a quick glance at our trip, I made a little flip book of the rest of the prints. This is a great way to add more pictures to a page, I have another one to share with you tomorrow!, and it's awesome for a mini where there's no page protectors and you can immediately look through them.

A little journaling using the lines on the patterned paper and I was done! 
I wanted to do a spread in my Project Life as well. For these I used 3x3 and 4x4 prints. Since I wanted to combine the two I used a page protector of 4x6 slots and made my own grid out of them, using patterned paper to fill in the gaps. 

For the back I just used patterned paper to cover the back of the pictures and I cut up the map of the French Quarter. My original plan had been to use the map to fill the whole page, but it wasn't quite big enough. It works ok for me though, I kind of like the breath it gives you in the album.

Then the second page is a normal Project Life layout covering our weekend. A few 4x6 prints, a pic of the two couples, journaling, and the card from the restaurant where we had Chris' birthday dinner.

I have a favorite picture of Chris and me that I will probably use to make a 12x12 layout and the story will be a bit broader than just our weekend. I'll share that with you when I find just the right way to tell it!

But that's the great thing about Project Life and mini books. I can tell the immediate details, the facts that I want to remember, and save the bigger 'life themes' for my traditional layouts. I think I've finally found my groove with it all.

I've just ordered my pictures from Mexico and will show how I plan on telling that story (hopefully!) next week. How do you document your trips? Visit my blog for more

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