I love that Savannah has such a sweet and nurturing spirit. She is always mothering the younger children or tending to kittens that come her way. She has many toy diaper bags, receiving blankets, bottles and baby carriers.  All of which, I am not allowed to donate or give away.  Her bunk bed is filled with stuffed animals and dolls. She brushes their hair and straightens their outfits so that they are clean and tidy.

She was beyond thrilled when she was able to choose a doll from Dollie & Me to be her very own. In fact, everyday after she chose her doll - she would ask if her doll was coming that day.

There were nine Dollies to choose from and Savannah chose the Sassy and Classy Dollie. Her favorite features are the beautiful curls and cute outfit.  The Dollies are 18 inches tall and are able to wear the clothes from the American Girl collection.  Savannah has an American Girl doll and loved switching the outfits and having extra clothes for her new Dollie.

I hadn't heard of Dollie & Me prior to this Summer - but wish that I had.  The Dollies are made extremely well and at just $39 per Dollie they are very affordable.  Check out the Dollies here!

Savannah's Dollie doesn't yet have a name - several have been thought about but haven't seemed quite right.  However, this hasn't slowed Dollie's adventures!  So far, she has gone with us to piano lessons, the grocery store, clothes shopping, the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch and swim lessons.  Like a good mother, Savannah even buckles her safely in the backseat while in the car.  That melts my heart!  I love it!

I'm sure that many of her dolls will eventually be discard and forgotten.  I know that Dollie, whatever her name ends up being, will be one that is kept and finds a place in her keepsake trunk. 

Check out the Dollie & Me 2013 Holiday Look Book!

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Comment by Shecki Bernard on January 10, 2014 at 11:54am

Disappointing that they don't offer an Asian option.  As the mother of 2 daughters from China, I'm always on the lookout for dolls that look like them.  

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