A lot has happened friends. A lot.

Not anything life changing, well maybe, but not like "oh.my.gosh. I will never be the same again." More like, "Can things seriously slow down please? I must breathe."

Here's my list (so I look important and organized, which I am neither but just humor me...)

1. Will has started to walk.

Ya, ya - I know he is 13 months old but it feels like he was just born and really, should stay a baby for much longer. He didn't get the memo apparently and today decided that since he has been walking for a week he must now attempt to run.

2. Dave got a new job.

This is sorta big, right? He no longer works for the company in which he felt like he was dying a slow painful death every time he walked through the doors - he is working for a company that really, in the grand scheme of things, helps people change their lives.

He works for Kersey Mobility and they modify vans for people who have disabilities of all types. It is incredible what they can do to vehicles to make it possible for people to have their freedom back. Know anyone that would be interested in that? Check out www.kerseymobility.com or call (877) 507-7491 and ask for Dave.

3. Lily used the potty.

Once again, I should be thrilled because one less kid needing a diaper change every ten minutes. Dave is very excited because this means less money out and more money saved. But this translates to Lily being ready for potty training which I loathe and do not enjoy.

Before all you start chiming in with your "potty in a day" thing, may I please point out that it is next to impossible, nor do I want to sit in a bathroom all day with all 4 children. If any of you would like to train Lily in a day for me - please be my guest!

4. Dave did yoga last night.

Yes, this may be the biggest deal of all friends. As many of you know, Dave has multiple sclerosis - which is quite annoying and bothersome. Dave has this nice little habit of not telling me when he is experiencing symptoms because he knows I go into total panic mode, but when he finally tells me after they go away (usually a few weeks later) I am never grateful for his secrecy. Darn Dave always trying to protect me.

Anyway, we have started eating better - trying our hardest to keep gluten out of our diet and not put any processed foods into our bodies. PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT AN ALL NATURAL TYPE OF PERSON. I like McDonalds. I like foods that are bad for me and full of stuff I cannot pronounce. However, my body doesn't - and I'm pretty sure that Dave's body is definitely opposed to those foods. So, in effort to reduce his symptoms and me to reduce my fatty mcfat fat body we are eating healthier. This has been a hard transition, but we are getting it down.

But as I was reading the other night about "natural" ways to reduce some symptoms I came across yoga. Dave has to take a shot each week called Avonex to keep symptoms at bay. PLEASE NOTE: DAVE DOES NOT LIKE TAKING SAID SHOT AND WOULD RATHER NEVER TAKE IT AGAIN. But, he must take it and has finally succumbed to the fact that if he continues to not take it I will nag him until he dies at the ripe old age of 98. But, in effort to keep other drugs not necessary I thought we should give yoga a chance.

Asking Dave to do yoga is the equivalent of me making him put on a dress and drink spiced tea by the fire.

BUT DAVE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He refused to admit that it was relaxing, or he felt stretched or anything positive from it at all - but he did it. And tonight when I make him do it again, he shall - and quite possibly, by the time he is the ripe old age of 98 he may admit that he actually benefited from yoga. I can wait 68 years for that.

5. I have lost 6 pounds.

My obsession with the scale is unhealthy as I have to weigh myself daily or maybe even twice a day hoping that the number will be less...and it fluctuates, and I get angry - but I am in fact not as large as I was a couple of weeks ago. Hallelujah.

6. Preschool starts next week.

No, I do not send my kids to preschool. I have decided to attempt it on my own. All you homeschooling parents - God bless you. I am not, nor will I ever be equipped, patient or organized enough to do homeschooling beyond preschool...but preschool I shall attempt. My goal is to have readers by kindergarten. Can it be done? I dare say yes! Anyhow, joining Emma and Luke this year will be Lily simply because I cannot keep her interested in coloring any longer when the kids are learning. She wants to learn too - and I can't tell her no. So - she now has a book and we shall see how it goes.

But this is the last year I have with my kids before they are big school goers. How did that happen? So much to teach this year like tying shoes, WIPING THEIR OWN BUTTS, buttoning up their shirts and pants themselves, WIPING THEIR OWN BUTTS, how to sing the ABC's with actual melody...oh boy.

7. I have cooked dinner almost every single night.

Breathe people, breathe. And most of the meals have actually been pretty good. Miracles happen people, miracles happen!

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Comment by Karyn Climans on September 1, 2010 at 5:43pm
You are the first mom I've ever known to have mixed feelings when their kid is beginning to potty train! Congratulations on the weight loss and I hope your husband sticks with yoga. I love yoga ... I just don't go to class frequently enough!

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