Earning Extra Cash for the Holiday Season

It's that time of year again when we are rushing to stores and crunching numbers! Have we saved enough over the year to cover the cost of the holiday season and what will our accounts look like come January? I enjoy adding a bit of extra income via online channels. Over the years I have implemented several methods for adding to our income. I have used online listings to sell items that we no longer use or need. I also do freelance work and provide articles. By those methods and through selling ad space or by implementing affiliate links - I am able to add to and contribute to the family budget.

One example is Kurrenci and the amazing referral program they have available. It's quite honestly the biggest and boldest program of it's kind that I have come across. Though, not an affiliate program per se Kurrenci.com does enable you to begin adding a side income and earning a little extra when you recommend their services to an online merchant. When you refer a merchant who signs up to use Kurrenci's service - you receive $1,000 in Kurrenci!!! That's not just a little extra added to your income - that's quite a bit of money to use! Imagine if you refer several merchants!

"From apparel to gadgets, we have partnered with some of the best merchants on the web. We are always looking for more, though. That’s where you come in. Help us attract even more amazing shops. Your reward for this heroic endeavor? A whopping 1,000 Kurrenci. No joke. As you know, Kurrenci is worth more than the U.S. Dollar, so you’ll be netting yourself well over a thousand bucks. Log-in or sign up now to start earning!"

Kurrenci is a universal digital money that can not only be earned but also bought with your own money and used to make secure purchases. This time of year, I make just about as many online purchases as I do in a brick and mortar store. I prefer using services such as Kurrenci for these types of transactions to help keep my account information from needing to be entered all over the internet!

Maybe you need to transfer money to a family member or friend - Kurrenci is also able to do that! So use Kurrenci to quickly send and receive money! This time of year we are all remembering our favorite charities and considering the donations we will make - you are able to use Kurrenci to make that very important donation!

I know that a lot of mom bloggers use their blogs to sell products or services - consider adding Kurrenci as an option for receiving payments! You could use Kurrenci to accept payment for freelance jobs, sponsored content and ad space.

Not only are you able to earn money to use via Kurrenci - it is quite a bit of money and a fantastic service that you can put to good use this holiday shopping season!

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