Family The Heart and Soul of Our Country

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Abdul Kalam

Where would society be without a family structure? Marriage and family have been around for thousands of years. It is where the mother gives her child the love, confidence and the ability to develop skills and talents to be productive members of society. Great inventors like Thomas Edison who invented the first light bulb, Or Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone. These people are admired and bestowed as great people that have contributed so much to society.

Family is the heart of society; it is where children feel safe. Friends can come and go but family will always be there. A good example is when your son or daughter comes home saying the kids at school excluded them at school. Jeering at them and laughing at them. He or she comes home crying and very upset. As a parent you listen and carefully guide them through the challenges they will face then and throughout life. Yes children will grow and leave the home. But they will always need advice and to know you support them.

 As a parent you are their role model, their hero. My daughter said to me one day. “Mom I really like to way you brought me up” I want to raise my children the same way when I have children” I was a single parent. My husband had died when my youngest daughter was only two. After his death I got remarried and then divorced. Being married to a wonderful Godly man I was not aware of the unrelenting dishonesty of the man I married and later divorced. I knew the importance of having a father in their lives and tried to give them that.   It was very tough parenting my two daughters on my own.

 How did I get through this? I had the support of two loving parents, who believed in me. They gave me the confidence and gave me advice when I asked for it. I gave my daughters guidelines to follow and made them follow it or there were consequences. My expectations were high on what I expected from them and demanded respect. My daughters are grown and both happily married.

 Children look up to their parents as heroes. Do you remember taking your children to school and as soon as they come home they are excited to see you “shouting” Mommy, Daddy, telling you how much fun school was? Your child talks endlessly about their day.  

Mothers are the heart of the home. They give their children the love, confidence, and are a guidepost to follow.  A mother job is not an 8:00-5:00 job. Mom is on duty twenty-four hours a day. If the child gets sick in the middle of the night the mother is there to care for her child. Whereas, fathers provide the stability and security children need.

For daughters fathers are the ultimate model they will later view potential partners when they grow to adulthood. Does the father treat his daughter as a precious gift? Does he treat her with the love, concern, and share the ultimate gift of time with her.? Or is he cold, distant and unloving?  Does he do whatever she wants just to make her happy so she will leave him alone?  What the daughter sees as a father figure she may later choose as a husband and companion.

The family institution has been under attack for the last forty years. But today with the possible legalization of gay marriage before us the attack is even more prevalent. 

 Single parents can do a wonderful job of raising their children.  I was one myself when my husband died of brain cancer when my youngest daughter was only two years old.  Divorce is another area which has sufficiently weakened the family structure.  In some cases it is the best thing a mother can do with sexual abuse of the child or drunkenness in the home.


 For our society to continue in our country and the world, we need a strong family unit. We need men to once again stand up and take the lead in their homes. We need men to work on their marriages and work through the difficulties that all marriages have.  We need both people in the marriage to fight for their marriage and keep it alive. The father often brings the spirituality to the home. Belief in the Ten Commandments and honoring God should always be central in family unit.

Families are the heart and soul of our country and of the world.  With the weakening of the family structure there is more individualism and what’s in it for me attitude. The weakening of family has caused many of today’s ills. Along with negative media :whatever makes you feel good attitude. Our society as it is today is broken. But we can change it to be so much better. We can revive the family and it will once again be a prosperous society with values and connectedness once again.

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