Finding the right mattress. Then and now.

As newlyweds, my husband and I spent a lot of hours in furniture stores browsing the various collections. It was such an exciting time exploring various furniture styles and patterns. We had the opportunity to choose a few new pieces for our home as well as purchase some essentials.

I happened to be pregnant with our first child when we were finally able to start purchasing furniture - and my favorite sections was the mattress section of each store. I made sure to test all of the mattresses in every store. Finding a comfortable mattress had never been so important to me. The pregnancy was difficult and finding comfort for my feet and back were even more so. I think before that time, I could have slept on a hard floor and been very comfortable. I eventually found a pillowtop mattress that I could not live without.

Now, some years later - I must begin the search anew. Not only do we need a new mattress but other things in the house are showing signs of use. The couches, end tables and entertainment center could all be replaced. It's somewhat bittersweet. The fun in finding new pieces for the house is somewhat dampened by the removal of furniture where you held and cuddled your children when they were just infants. But I will look forward to making new memories!


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