I still like hemp.

I like the look of the natural color, it's earthy.

I made this cute and simple bracelet from hemp using a fishtail braid. These are really pretty easy, you can whip one out just a few minutes.

Start by measuring your wrist and decide how long you want your bracelet to be. You will need to double your measured amount. How many strands you will need depends on how thick you want your bracelet. I used 8 strands. Also, it's much easier if you keep one end of your bracelet in loops, so instead of cutting 8 different lengths of hemp, cut 4 that are twice as long as your piece (4 x as long as you want your bracelet to be) and fold them in half. You will have 8 strands and 4 loops at the top.

To begin, take one of the outside pieces, wrap it around all of your strands and tie it under. This will help hold the pieces together, but will also keep your loops open so you can use it to tie your bracelet around your wrist.

Now you can begin braiding. If you don't know how to fishtail, here is an illustration. You are essentially working with two pieces instead of three. Simply take the outside piece and bring it to the inside between your two main pieces.  I hope it helps!

Once you are done braiding, you can either add a big bead at the end or tie a big knot. I didn't have a bead with a big enough hole, so I decided just to tie a knot. With eight strands of hemp, it was a pretty hefty knot and it ended up being the perfect size to fit through my loops.

Hope you like it.

Thanks for reading!

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