Five things that fell off my radar after having a baby

Sometimes, on a less hectic Saturday like today, I start to think about all the ways our life has changed since we had a baby. It’s been over a year – meaning there are lots of things that have changed: we don’t go out to eat as often, we go to bed earlier, we get up earlier. Our priorities are certainly different. But I think the thing that’s most certainly affected me the most is…well….I hate to admit it. But I just don’t care as much about my appearance as I used to. Sure, I still put in an effort. But to some extent I just don’t have time for all of the little personal luxuries that I used to.

Now, some of these things aren’t going to sound like luxuries unless you have a child(ren). Because it is pretty darn near impossible to understand why you can’t justmake time to do them if you really wanted to. At least, it was for me prior to having Ricky. But with that being said, I’m really (REALLY!) going to try to make an effort on these things. Seriously. I am...Continue reading at The Mommyhood Project

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Comment by Janice Perry on December 21, 2013 at 7:27pm

I am sure most of us can completely relate to your post!  I have written in the past about how when I had my son I lost my style, it just takes more brain power than I have to give in the morning to attempt to put together an outfit that looks like I tried, and hence sensible shoes, comfortable pants, and no low cut tops have become my new style.


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