I really need organizing help, in practically every room. My jewelry is no exception.

So I made an easy framed earring holder to contain the mess.
It's very easy and requires only a few supplies.

A thick-ish thrifted frame
acrylic paint
polyester mesh, or like material
sand paper
hot glue gun
popsicle sticks

Thicker frames work better because you want about a 1/2 in. or so between the mesh and the wall.
Start by removing the glass and back from your frame and sand it. You don't need to completely remove the paint/finish, you just need a rough surface for your new coat of paint to stick to.

After everything is sanded, paint your frame.
Finish with modpodge or other sealer.

Once it's all dried, turn your frame over and measure it.

Then, cut your mesh. I left a little extra, just in case, but I ended up just trimming most of it, so do what you are comfortable with.

Glue your mesh in place with hot glue. Glue one said at a time, and push the mesh tight with a popsicle stick.

That's pretty much it! If you want, you can decorate your frame how you wish. I decided to glue a few rosettes to mine. They are quick and simple to make. Here is a quick how-to.

Plus, the rosettes double as holders for my necklaces.

Thanks for reading!

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