I follow those whom I admire on Twitter, and Anne Graham Lotz is one such individual.  Yes, she is the reverend's daughter, but an impressive Bible teacher apart from her famous father. (www.angelministries.org)

Recently she tweeted a blog on Thanks-living.  It struck a chord with me.  It challenged me, dared me, compelled me to operate out of gratitude every day.   I am finding that when I let gratitude be my guide, I cannot complain about, well, anything.

And several times a week I get comments that could go either way, depending on my mood at the moment.  For instance: 

I cannot imagine the laundry you must do.

Your grocery bill must rival your mortgage.


Do you all go on vacation? Together?


How will you put all those kids through college?


When do you have time to yourself?


When do you and your husband ever manage time together?


Did all those children come out of your body?


Are all those children yours and his?


Are you this child's mother? (Referring to my infant, Hope--I am often mistaken as her grandmother.  Oh, joy.)


How big is your turkey?


Christmas must be something at your house.


And, my favorite:  You have your hands full.


Yes, my hands are full.  As is my sink, the washer, the dryer, every clothes hamper, every bedroom, every bed,  my 12 passenger van and every chair at my Thanksgiving table.

And I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg--contrary to popular belief, the grandkids aren't here yet.  Some of the kids tease the Captain and me, saying they are all going to have ten kids so we will have 100 grandchildren.

Bring them on, I say.   I am liking the thought of this Thanks-living theme.

The Captain and I are, indeed, full:  Full house, full hands, full table, full hearts. 

What more can a family ask for?

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