DON'T DO IT. Look away from the kitty too!

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See this cute puppy? This puppy has brought an amazing amount of joy to my life, as well as my husbands. She is a family member and our first furbaby.

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Apart from the mass amounts of love she has given us, she has also:

  • Cost us over between $3000 - $5000 dollars in vet bills, so far. (she is 3 in Feb)
  • Has destroyed an entire living room set (Chair, Love Seat and Couch). First by piss, then by eating it.
  • Has torn a hole into the wall deep to the Plywood.
  • Ripped up carpet, stained carpet, made it really hard to get the smell of dog out of carpet.
  • Has eaten glasses, lighters, shoes, things of sentimental value. etc.
  • Barks like crazy when on the leash and sees another dog. (looks super aggressive, but it's just noise). Other dog and it's owner are not too pleased.
  • Pulls on leashes, making it impossible just to relax and walk.

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