Halloween 2012 with my little ones.

So another Halloween has come and gone.

Costume decisions, Halloween crafts, pumpkin carving stencil choices, trick or treating plans, and costume parades at school.  So much excitement for the elementary school age set.  And so much relief when it is OVER for the parental set of said kids.

I don’t know about your kids, but the discussions about what to dress up as for Halloween are too numerous for anyone’s own good.

We are to the point where we hesitate to buy a costume until a few days before Halloween because they change their minds all the time about how they want to dress up for the big trick or treating night.

So, this year, my little guy chose Mario from Mario Brothers.  He is a Mario Kart Wii game fanatic, and he looked super cute in his costume, so this was a slam dunk.

However, when Halloween morning arrived, for some reason, he was not in the mood to put on his Mario costume. Never mind that he had been wearing it EVERY DAY since we purchased it three weeks ago in eager anticipation of Halloween.

I mean, seriously, the one day he thinks its a drag to put on a costume happens to be HALLOWEEN.

Anyhoo, I sent him off to school with the costume in his bag just in case he changed his mind.

So, I arrive at the basketball courts a few minutes before the school parade is about to start, all ready with my camera to snap some photos of my sweet little Mario.

I see Bam Bam’s class rounding the corner.  I’m getting excited to wave to him.  Then, I see as they march past, that he is only wearing his Mario hat, not the cute blue Mario overalls that kind of make the outfit, you could say.

So, he’s wearing his signature every day shorts, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt, with his Mario hat on his head.  He is the ONLY child in his class that is not in full costume.  Sigh.

At this point in my parenting career, I have to say, it did not even bother me.  I felt Nothing.  Five years ago, I might have been irritated all day long.  Not yesterday.  I was just fine.

You learn to pick your battles.  Is my four year old wearing his full costume during the parade really that big of a deal?  Here’s the answer……..NO.

The rest of day, we joked that Bam Bam was dressed as “street clothes Mario” for Halloween.  He only wears his blue overalls when he’s trying to save Princess Peach and run through his endless maze of obstacles.

He went trick or treating as “street clothes Mario” as well.  I love four year olds.

My 9 year old, Imagineer, chose an owl stencil for her pumpkin carving endeavor this year.

Carving Pumpkins

Imagineer’s pumpkin with owl stencil

And Bam Bam did not really grab hold of the whole carving idea.  He was happy enough to tape some eyes and a mouth on his pumpkin.


Bam Bam’s “Carved” pumpkin

So, Bam Bam asked when Halloween is occurring again.  I said in one year.  He asked, “is that coming in a few days?”

How wonderful it must be to be a four year old. :)

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