Every scream is different.  As a parent we can tell the difference in each one of our babies cries.  There's usually a unique pitch for hungry, tired, bored, or diaper change.  Then, every baby tucks away a specially reserved,  very high pitched, fast screeching.  That is usually the sound of pain.

As our kids get older the cries eventually turn into yelling.  They might yell because they are frustrated or need attention.  They might get startled or stub a toe.  The older they get there's a pretty high chance most of their yelling will be either at a TV screen or at you.

When your child cries in a new, fancy style that you've never heard before it's enough to make you drop whatever is in your hands and run to them.  The unfamiliar cry is ugly.  You have no idea what the problem is going to be until your standing in front of it.  I'm not a fan of surprises to begin with.  Surprise cries I can safely say I hate!

Last night I was finishing dinner with Thing 1 and Thing 3 I heard these blood curdling screams coming from Thing 2 upstairs.  You know the kind you only hear in the movies when someone just finds someone that's been stabbed 46 times.  It was the hyperventilating screeching that only should be used if you need an Emergency room or if your starring in a Friday the 13th movie.  My husband went upstairs with him a little while earlier to cut his hair.  As I hopped upstairs taking 3 steps at a time all I could see was one of my sons ears laying on the bathroom floor.  I couldn't imagine anything else making him scream like that.  Plus, it was easy to envision because I have childhood memories of my Mom snipping my brothers ears during their laundry room barber sessions.  Then, I found out last week she just recently did a number on my Dad's ear too!  So, as I jumped up the 14 stairs, it felt like I was running a mile and the only thing I could see was a bloody ear laying on the dirty bathroom floor.

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