Happy 2013. New Year’s Day is a time of renewal and “do-overs”. We eat our black eyed peas for good luck, write our "New Year's" lists and send off our recurring "New Year's" resolutions up with a prayer and some smoke or in a bottle or whatever it is you do every new year hoping that this will finally be the year that it happens. We want things to be new! We want good change that soothes our souls and invigorates us.  We want to not be spiraling downward with each new year. Well, the truth is…we are…and then…we’re not!

There WILL come a day when ALL things are made NEW again! This New Years day is a perfect day to stop…and I mean really stop and think about that. First read this…


The one sitting on the throne said, "See, I am making all things new!" He said, "Write this: 'These words are trustworthy and true.'"Revelation 21:5

 God is up there right now looking down here and probably thinking…guys, don’t sweat it…I’ve got it all covered. All those dreams, wishes, and longings…they’re going to happen when the time is perfect. I am making all things new.

Take a little time today to allow yourself to daydream about this. Create in your mind some scenarios like…

You’ve been in heaven for, oh say, ten thousand years or so and someone asks you about your job. You reply.

“Oh it’s amazing, It’s new and so exciting.

“Is that a new hairstyle?”



“How long have you been a renowned music composer?”

“I just started!”



“How was dinner tonight?”

“Unbelievable! I’ve never tasted anything like that before…ever!”





“Aren’t you afraid of heights?”

“From this mountain we’re on, I can see the mountain I’d like to climb tomorrow.”





“I just met up with my sister! We were two hundred years apart.”


“Today I’d like to paint a new picture of the ocean. First I’ll need to mix up more paint because that color is new.”





This New Year, try a new formula for living a peace-filled, motivated life: Meditate on heaven everyday and all that we have to imagine. Take note of how it impacts this life. Do you feel freer to love and sacrifice? Do your earthly goals seem like “no big deal” suddenly?

 "If you would have light and heat, why are you not more in the sunshine? 

For want of this recourse to heaven, your soul is as a lamp not lighted, and your duty as a sacrifice without fire. Fetch one coal daily from this altar, and see if your offering will not burn . . . Keep close to this reviving fire, and see if your affections will not be warm."

Richard Baxter

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