So first, let me tell you a bit about myself... I'm a wife and mom, daughter and sister..I was born an aunt, and married into being a Grandma.  My husband of almost 11 years and I have a son, 7, and I have a 14yr old.  He has a daughter 3 1/2 years younger than I, who just gave me my 5th grandchild.  I also just turned 33.  

I make jewelry, collect stamps, sunflower stuff and  Coca Cola memorabilia.  I also LOVE entering giveaways.  I've been a BzzAgent for a couple years, and when required, I blog a review...that's where it began.

At some point in mid-November of this year, I stumbled on a giveaway a blog was doing... and I ended up winning.  I entered another, and won again... then I thought, wow...there's something to this!!!

So I started entering giveaways left and right.  I sat up hours at night, and entered.  Then each morning, I'd check my email.  I won, and won again... pretty soon, I'd say to my husband, as I checked my email, honey, guess what?  He'd reply, "What did you win this time?"

Well my winning started a thought in my head...if they can do giveaways, why can't I?  Reading someone's site, I found a blogger opportunity, and joined.  Then another... And eventually, after joining a few facebook pages, I got turned on to a few sites where you can connect with businesses & authors and whatnot, in order to do your own reviews & giveaways.  This is how I found an author who was willing to take a chance and let me review her book and do a giveaway.  This giveaway just ended, with over 2200 entries.  I'd say not bad for a new kid!!

In addition, I just checked my email yesterday, and won another giveaway.  As of today, (beginning mid-Nov) I've won 25 giveaways, including a year of webhosting, a Skil Ixo cordless corkscrew, giftcards to Amazon, Frecklebox, 247Frenzy and Novica, among a host of other items that keep streaming in the mail.  It is exciting, to say the least.

Now, my big thing is trying to get my Alexa down, and my followers up.  See, when I started, I didn't know what Alexa was, or how important it (or your pagerank) is nor did I feel the need to put networked blogs on my page...but now, I'm seeing how important backlinks are, and searching out sites with information on SEO!

If I could give any advice to the new kid behind me, it would be to learn from other's mistakes... ask others what they'd change, what they'd do different, what they wish they'd have known.

Me, I just wish I knew how to get the followers others have, how to join all these hops that I see going, and how to get other's to put my button/link on their page! (yes, I've asked, posted, commented, requested and even emailed people to trade buttons...) 

All in all, it's been a crazy month, but an exciting journey.  I am working on compliling a list of what I've won, and will likely post it later!

Thanks for reading!


Sandling All Day

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