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The last time Boston butts were on sale, I bought two with the intention of cooking up a whole bunch of Bubba's much beloved Carolina-style pulled pork. One turned out to be plenty of pork for our family, since the kids didn't like it. The other big, old butt remained virtually forgotten in the back of the freezer for an ungodly long time. This week, I thawed it, deciding to try my hand at sausage making. I can get a whole Boston butt on sale for about $1.25 a pound. Meanwhile, ready made, salt filled sausage is a good deal at $2 a pound. I decided that I would save money twofold by salvaging my freezer burned butt and not buying sausage at the grocery.
 I cut the pork into thick strips before running it through my KitchenAid mixer's meat grinding attachment.

To make the ground pork into sausage, I added spices and herbs. I googled recipes for "southern sausage" to find one that Bubba would like. I tried out four different variations and wrote the ingredients on the freezer bags in which I repacked the re-purposed meat so that I would remember what I put into our favorite.

The process was surprisingly easy.

The next night, I made a breakfast dinner. One plate was piled high with french toast, while another held half a dozen fried eggs. Our cups were brimming with sweet berry smoothies. Biscuits stayed warm under a dish towel blanket. Sausage gravy runs in Bubba's southern veins, and I was whisking flour into a rue when he walked in the door from work. I smiled proudly. "Taste the sausage," I beamed.
He did.
"I made it!"
I was crushed. "You don't like it?!"
"No, it's good. It's different.
Uh oh.

After we'd said our dinner prayers, I sighed before I began to ramble. "Okay, seriously. You have to tell me if you like it or not because I made different recipes. I don't want to make this one again if you don't like it. So you have to be honest. Okay? Just tell me."

The truth came out when Bubba only served himself one helping. He thought it was too herbaceous. He missed the rib sticking fat of traditional gravy, and I had too much meat in the mix. "But I like it," he added generously.

Recipe one lacked the enthusiastic effect for which I was aiming. However, the sausage making as a whole was quite a success. After all, I prefer my leaner, less salty meaty treat. I saved money,which is always a source of pride. On the whole, my sausage kicked (Boston) butt!

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