Another writing prompt from the Blog Dare
I urge you…

I urge you

I urge you to accept

I urge you to accept that you are you

that you are imperfect

that you are flawed

that you will make mistakes

that you will be better than all that has made you feel less than


I urge you to remember

I urge you to remember who loved you

who left you

who needed you

who helped you

who supported you

who disappointed you

who hurt you

who improved  you

who healed you


I urge you to forgive

I urge you to forgive those who caused pain

those who caused anger

those who caused disappointment

those who caused humiliation

those who caused self-doubt

those who caused disillusionment

forgive yourself


I urge you to acknowledge

I urge you to acknowledge the rightness of your world

acknowledge your flaws

acknowledge your strengths

acknowledge your gifts

acknowledge the beauty that is your imperfection

acknowledge your cheerleaders as well as your detractors

acknowledge life


And I urge you to let go

I urge you to let go off past pains

past disappointment

unrealistic expectations

and inconsequential happenings

I urge you to see past the bullshit that is sometimes life

I urge you to reflect on the past one last time so that you can let go, not to forget but to relegate

I urge you to breathe vitality into life

I urge you to do more than live

I urge you to transform

I urge you…

© MoodyMommi Published Dec 26, 2012

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Tags: forgiveness, past, rebirth, reflection, release


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Comment by Moody Mommi on December 27, 2012 at 10:01pm

Thank you!!!!  Now I have to go and research Desiderata, never heard of it!!!

Comment by mitchelle on December 27, 2012 at 8:42pm

Nice poem.  The content reminds me of Desiderata.

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