I’ve got it all wrong. Achieve for your daughters, not for you.

I often get asked why I’m a founder of a startup.  I get warned that the road is rough ahead and success rates are really low.  My selfish answer is that I want to achieve something within my lifetime.  Recently, I have set out on a journey to tell moms to hold on to their goals and dreams, take care of themselves and continue to achieve for a happier balanced life.  But I’ve got it all wrong.

As I was watching a video from Sheryl Sandberg today, there is a bigger purpose for my journey.  Here she is, speaking to college grads telling them to not quit before they quit. Often times girls are choosing professions that will give them a flexibility to have a family schedule later in life.  However, when they make that decision, they are cutting themselves short of their maximum potential.  What really needs to happen is that moms of my generation needs to raise their children to not to quit before they quit by being role models themselves.  Show your children that anything is possible, show them that even as a mom, you CAN achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.  This is beyond selfish achievements, this is about demonstrating to your daughters that accomplishments are made by not giving up.

So forget about setting goals for yourself for a minute, set your goals for your children to see how you accomplish them.  Do and then you will teach.

Please take the time out to watch Sheryl Sandburg’s Video…  She truly is an inspiration.

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Comment by Melinda Pang Kim on September 11, 2012 at 7:03pm

Thanks so much!  I really want moms to drop their guilt and continue to reach for their goals and dreams.  Being a positive role model is so much more powerful than telling them what they're supposed to be doing!  Thanks for the encouragement Ida Mae!

Comment by Ida Mae West-Simone on September 11, 2012 at 3:47pm

Hello Melinda

What a great message you shared in your post!  I know so many moms who are overwhelmed with life and have given up their own goals, dreams, even identities.  Having a dream helped me through some of those higher-maintenance years myself as a mother, as did the awareness of that ever present truth: "Children do as we do, not as we say."  That really is the higher purpose, isn't it?  Thank you for encouraging your readers to watch Sheryl's speech.  She has a lot of great things to say.

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