“We quit”. (I’m holding a candle).

Those were some of the hardest words to say. We went against all the rules of being “in”. The day finally came, after six years of baseball, when we all said, “We’re simply not going to do this anymore.” It was just too much; too much for him and too much for us. I wanted our family time back so badly that I was finally willing to take what came with not being “in” anymore.

We know deep in our hearts that we need to cancel about half of what we do every month. We know that we’re spread too thin. We know that we’re losing precious time with our kids that we will never get back. We lose sleep thinking about it. And yet, we refuse to say the words because the world says our kids have to have their “thing” by the time they’re five and a half or… or…or what? They’ll be voted off the island?

 We have some new, simple family requirements:

-      Kids get the sleep that they need throughout the week. (They need about nine to ten hours a night).

-      -Kids get all the time they need to do schoolwork without feeling rushed.

-      Kids get relaxed family time over the weekend to recharge for the upcoming week.

If there are extra activities they want to do and we can still keep our requirements, then bring them on, no problem. Hey, I’m kinda hoping that one day maybe we’ll be the new “in”. Eh, probably not, but we’ll be happy.

Happy Simplifying!

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Comment by W. Lion on August 27, 2013 at 7:12pm


white lion moving company blogger group love your new "in"! I agree with you so much. So many kids are spread too thin it's crazy. I'd rather have fun with my kids and know each other well. Develop our relationships.

Your doing good girl!!!


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